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Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll - Baby -Top Hot Toys For Christmas

Updated on October 14, 2012

Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll Shopping Guide

The Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll has already made the Top Hot Toys for Christmas 2010 list and is sure to be sold out of stores long before Christmas, but you can buy yours online now.

If you are ready to buy a Little Mommy doll, this Christmas Toys shopping guide will save you hours of time searching the Web for the best prices by taking you straight to where other smart shoppers go first - ebay!

Never pay retail prices again. These direct links will always be below discount wholesale prices, and sometimes as low as 1/2 price. There are different models of the Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll, but the Walk & Giggle model retails for around $70.00, and one recent ebay sale for her went for $31.99, and you can use the Buy-it-Now button to get her for $49.99 everyday.

Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll

Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll
Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll

Shop with Confidence

You can shop with confidence on ebay!

ebay strives to ensure your shopping experience is as safe and satisfying as any you would make at your favorite local toy store. Their Buyer Protection Plan makes sure all your purchases arrive in your hands just as you expected, and their Top-Rated Seller program ensures you are dealing with sellers that have a superior record of past customer satisfaction responses. Just look for the Top-Rated Seller icon on the listings.

Every little girl loves newborn babies, so the Little Mommy newborn doll just might be the place to start.

Editor's 2011 Update

Little Mommy dolls are still a hot choice for Christmas 2011. Use the link below to see the 2011 updated Little Mommy, and ebay vs. Amazon price comparisons.

Little Mommy Newborn Twins

Double the fun with these Fisher Price Little Mommy Newborn Twins.

ps. Some ebay listings may be one-time deals, and might not be available the next time you look, so if you find a great bargain you like - make a decision.

Little Mommy Sweet as Me Dolls

The Little Mommy Sweet as Me Dolls can be a little girl's best friends. They come in a variety of style and outfits. So many in fact, you may have a hard time deciding, but just look for the deal you like. The Sweet as Me dolls normally retail for between $18.00 - just the doll, to $49.99 for the doll and various accessories.

See more choices

You can use the search box at the top of every link page you land on to see more choices for the Little Mommy Dolls you are looking at. Just type in the model and click "Go", and you will get a list of more available listings for that model.

ebay note: there are hundreds of thousands of shoppers on ebay at the same time you are, so don't lose that special Fisher Price Little Mommy doll you found to someone else who clicks on it first.

Little Mommy Scoot So Cute Dolls - Motion Sensor Crawling Action - Rocking and Giggling while they crawl to you and explore.

Want it Now?

If you don't want to bid, (it is the exciting way to get the best price), or wait for an auction to end, just look for listings with a Buy-it-Now price, and you can make an immediate purchase with just one click.

But so can everyone else - so don't lose that great deal you found to a quicker clicker!

Little Mommy Ah-Choo Dolls - Squeeze her tummy and she "sneezes", then her "mommy" can help her get better with the included tissues and medicine.

An interactive model of Fisher price Little Mommy Dolls.

Little Mommy Play All Day Dolls

The Little Mommy Play All Day model dolls are also interactive. They have over 50 playful sounds and phrases that will match whatever playful action their "mommy" is putting them through.

Bouncing, Flying, flipping, or dancing, this little mommy doll will respond with action-matching sounds and talk.

Little Mommy Walk and Giggle Dolls

Little Mommy Walk and Giggle doll needs your loving care as you nurture, play and help her take her very first big girl steps! Try to keep up as this interactive doll goes from sitting, to standing, to walking with you, and all by herself! This “big girl” also loves to play peek-a-boo, “drink” from her bottle and take her puppy pull toy for a walk. Fully interactive doll includes 60 phrases, sounds and songs

Want Still more Little Mommy Choices?

ebay has over 430 listings for the Fisher Price Little Mommy dolls and accessories, with more being added every day.

Use this link to:

Baby Annabel Dolls

Baby Annabel Doll
Baby Annabel Doll

Baby Annabel Dolls

The Baby Annabel Doll is another like-live doll that has made the Top Hot Toys for Christmas 2010 must-have list.

Giving Little Mommy some competition, the Baby Annabel dolls are even harder to find, but this Top Toys for Christmas shopping Guide will show you where to get the best deals too.

Top Toys for Christmas 2011

GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals

About the Author

Appletreedeals is the eCommerce ID for G.A. Anderson

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Fisher Price Little Mommy dolls

Fisher Price Little Mommy dolls
Fisher Price Little Mommy dolls

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