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Stylish Girl Free Dress Up Game Review

Updated on October 5, 2010

Stylish Girl is a dress up game about a girl who wants to impress a boy. Instead of blandly describing the mechanics of the game – which are identical to Hollywood Stylemaker because they're clearly both based on the same 'engine', if that term can even be applied here, I have decided to give you a run through of the sheer joy of dressing to impress a boy.

The first round of the game was picking my man up at a club, or rather, conniving my way with clothes to make him want to pick me up. I know how important it is to impress men with high fashion, so I dressed in a rubber catsuit, leopard print tights and a white tank top. I chose pink eyes, shaggy blonde hair  and eyelashes longer than the Amazon river. I added a pretty sparkly three laced necklace with a diamond pendant and dangly earrings, because who doesn't absolutely love dangly earrings? When informed that I couldn't go there barefoot, I matched some knee high leopard print boots to the outfit, and picked up big black bag to carry the kitchen sink, in case the boy I like also wanted a sandwich.

That look apparently impressed Lucas, a young man with a penchant for very tight jeans. He asked me out to Central Park for ice cream (though obviously I won't be able to actually eat any until after Lucas proposes and we're  married and I can let herself go.)

For the trip to the ice cream stand, I chose one of those tent tops that makes everyone who wears them look as if they're trying to hide a pregnancy, a cute pink belt, a pink skirt and some pink high heels. A little pink boxy bag was also entirely essential.

Lucas is always strangely silent when we meet him, but I know he approves, because he flashes the 'next' button to allow me to proceed to the next stage.

Now we're starting to get to know one another intimately, he calls stylish girl 'honey' and invites her to a picnic in the countryside with him and his friends. Unfortunately, I was not dressed appropriately in my court shoes, green tights, harem pants and fur coat, so he sent me home to change. Lucas can be so harsh!

Finally I was considered proper enough, and Lucas asked me out to a family dinner. I'm so excited to meet his parents!

So as not to entirely ruin the storyline, I'll leave it here, but if this review hasn't made you want to play this game, then I can't imagine anything will. So there you go. A dress up game with a varied wardrobe, a demanding boyfriend and a special surprise at the end. Who could wish for more?


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