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TERA Lancer Leveling Guide

Updated on January 4, 2011

The Lancer resembles that of a horse lancer, it has the lance and shield; however, there is no horse.  This characters main role is to play as the tank of the crew or solo for himself.  Their weapons and skills include the lance and the shield.  They carry heavy armor to support their enemies blows, while retaliating against their enemy with a jab from their lance.  Their main focuses while in battle are their thrusts from their lance, their shield parries, the forceful bashes from the shield, and the agro shouts.

There roaring mighty defense against enemies help this character be the last one standing after battles.  The shield of a lancer is used not only to protect themselves from hardening blows but also those of their team members.  You will find this character on the front line of the battle, with his shield taking damage while he uses his lance to strike the oncoming enemies.  The lance is very effective with single foes but proves not to do so well against multiple attacks.  In order to draw the power needed for their aggro attacks, it leaves the lancer vulnerable to enemy attack.  This character can be the shield for the lighter armored classes to strike.

Why Play a Lancer?

The Lancer has many qualities that come with his set of choice weapons, the lance and the shield which also doubles as another weapon. This gives this character the ability to use both hands when striking opponents, with two separate weapons. Their shield and armor helps protect them against the attacks that would normally paralyze those of lesser armor. Their attack methods would be perfect for their team members to get an edge into the battle while the lancer holds the enemies attention. If you are looking for a class to team up with this character will be able to increase your defense as well as dish out the damaging blows.

Their skills are many with the lance, thrusting, charging, bashing, and attacking, as well as with their shields which bashes opponents. Their blows can weaken the armor of any enemy, their fighting power is amazing once they collect it from the mighty blows that they force upon their opponents. As they increase in levels their ability also increases to help with those mighty assaults on their worst opponents. If you are a lancer, you will be able to use your shield for protection as well as a weapon, making it easier to fight oncoming rushes of opponents, just be sure that you are paired with a mighty warrior or berserker to help with your defense.

The lancers become tanks on the battlefield, making it great for their team members that have taken a blow or two from the enemies and need a break or a relax period to gain their strength and perfect their planning. The defense that the lancers offers is a great attribute to any team with their fire drawing shouts and their forceful attacks, to help protect their team mates.

TERA Lancer Video

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