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TERA Priest Leveling Guide

Updated on January 4, 2011

The priest seems like a calm character that doesn’t have much ability until the actual strike upon their enemies. They too, give support and cause secondary damage to their opponents, instead of having a scepter like the Mystic class they carry a all powerful staff. Their armor is weak, as it too is like the Mystic and is only that of cloth. They can inflict damage like certain energy attacks and arcane explosions, all while helping their team mates with healing, damage absorption, boosts in team states, regeneration, and the mighty resurrection of fallen comrades.

Playing as a Priest

The Priest learns and obtains power from their divine gods by total devotion, along with devotion to their god, they also show it towards other team members helping them make friends on and off the battlefield. Their power and skills can help them fight their way out of a nasty situation fast, if solo or with a group. With a group they are very handy members as they can help resurrect those that have fallen as well as heal those in need. In this online play they are the most powerful of all classes, because they have more skills that are available to unlock as the game play advances.

With little armor, it is guaranteed that these characters can reach those that are in desperate need of healing or resurrecting on the battlefield; however, when it comes to a death striking blow from an opponent they might be the ones in need of healing, which is why it is a good idea to have at least one Mystic character on your side to heal the healer when the time calls. Even though the Priest is dealt with the powerful staff and the ability to heal themselves, they are the top class to deal the magic-forced damage.

Against enemies this class tends to hold their ground, with a guarding spell cast they can keep themselves along with members from their group protected against most of their enemies strikes; however, while protecting their team members they can also choose to target individual enemies and blast them away with several of their life threatening skills.  With a little help from their team members, this character can be what helps a team survive the many obstacles that other enemies throw at them, while helping heal those members in need and resurrecting those that have fallen due to enemy strike.

Their staff is specially designed like most to run to the heavens, so that it can connect those that are on earth to the gods up in heaven, thus creating more power for the priest themselves. With blasting, burning, searing, imploding, and shocking power against enemies, this character can support members in any aspect of the battlefield.  They have a wide variety of skills including those that are deadly to enemies, they can also teleport themselves along with their entire group to a new location.  They will become the center of any group, be the most protected, and become the very blood flow of the entire team.

TERA Online Priest Guide

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Priest Gameplay Footage

Priest Screenshots

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