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The Amazing Spiderman Squinkies Bubble Pack - Release Date & News

Updated on June 29, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Spiderman Squinkies. This bubble pack is known as The Amazing Spiderman bubble pack and as you would expect is based on the new movie. On this page we will review these new Squinkies, we will check out the release date and also where you can get hold of them online. So for everything you need to know about The Amazing Spiderman Squinkies you need look no further.

Squinkies are a creation by a company called Blip Toys. They have been around for a few years now and we have seen hundreds of different characters released. The small collectable figures come in bubble packs which usually contain between ten and sixteen characters. In more recent times Blip Toys have started basing new characters on genres we are already familiar with. So for instance we have been given new Squinkies such as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, Marvel Comics, WWE Superstars, The Avengers and quite a few other popular brands. So it’s no surprise that the latest release is going to be based on the big summer blockbuster movie, The Amazing Spiderman.

Spiderman Bubble Pack

New Spiderman Squinkies

So we are going to get a new bubble pack called The Amazing Spiderman. This is not to be confused with a previous bubble pack that was based on Marvel Comics and also contained a Spiderman character. This one is based specifically on the new movie and is being released to coincide with the film. If you are after a specific release date then we are here to tell you that these new packs are already in circulation. If you shop around you should be able to find them. No doubt in the coming months they will be found in more and more stores and online.

So what can we tell you about these new characters. Well this Spiderman bubble pack will contain 8 new characters and two pieces of background scenery. So the new characters are two Spidermen, a Spiderman with his mask off so you can see it’s Peter Parker, a Peter Parker in his normal clothes with a camera and back pack, a Gwen Stacy with her lab coat, then the Lizard who is the bad guy in the movie and also a kind of logo which is supposedly a figure. Then the eighth character is a mystery one and it is actually another Lizard very similar to the first one. The two pieces of background scenery are a web and a city scene, you can connect the figures to these.

We are expecting the price of this bubble pack to be around $10 or maybe slightly more in some places. The Marvel sets went down very well with people so we are also expecting the new Spiderman bubble pack to sell very well for blip toys. There is only one series of these out at the moment, we shall have to wait and see if they release a second series.

Simpsons Squinkies

More New Squinkies Coming Soon

As well as the exciting new Spiderman bubble pack there are lots of other products that Blip toys have been working on. Over the past few months we have seen the introduction of some Avengers figures, these were brought out around the same time as the movie and they have sold very well. A big summer release is the two Simpsons bubble packs, these have all the classic characters you would expect and are sure to be very popular with both young children and some adults who want to relive their childhood with these characters. The big news for the summer is the release of two DC Comics packs, these should go very well with the Marvel sets that came out. In these we will get characters such as Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Another line of toys that Blip Toys have been working on are Squinkie Zinkies. These are about half the size of the regular figures and yet still have an impressive amount of detail. Most of the early Zinkies were for girls but there are now some great sets out there for boys. Three new sets were released, Military Crew based on little army men, Space Alliance which is a gang of aliens in a spaceship and also the set Robot Force which is a futuristic breed of robots. These look really good fun and will probably be just the start of lots more Squinkie Zinkies in the future.

If you are a fan of the new Amazing Spiderman movie then we are sure you will enjoy the new Spiderman Squinkies. Blip Toys have been very clever basing lots of their new figures on characters that people are already familiar with. With new films in the near future such as The Hobbit, Ironman 3 and other superhero films we may well see more characters based on these movies. For now though if you can get your hands on these new Spiderman Squinkies we are sure you will really like them.


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