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The Best Computer Games Of All Time

Updated on September 23, 2010

As most of you who read my hubs regularly i am and always have been a huge gamer,i love nothing more than when a game is released going to the shop and buying it on release day then rushing home and playing it for at least 12 hours straight then wishing my time at work away so i can be back at home playing again.I tend to only buy games that will take me at least 40 hours to complete otherwise i don't feel it has challenged me properly.Anyway i digress,what follows is a list of what i would deem the best computer games of all time,not just the modern ones but also the older ones that changed the face of gaming.I realise everyone wont agree with this list but as long as you all see at least one game you have played and go "Yes that is a great game" i will have achieved what i set out to do.These games are from the late eighties,early nineties and up to virtually present day and almost all of them made gaming what it is today,enjoy reminiscing.

Gran Turismo 1998 PS

This game was what got me into driving games,before i had not been too bothered by racing games but this got my blood pumping,me and friends would pile round my flat to play this for hours,tinkering and tuning the cars to within an inch of their life to improve our 1/4 mile times.Since its release every car game released has tried to emulate its pure size with regards to number of cars and tracks and its sheer graphical mastery,which has been good for us as every car game since has been of pretty good quality.Never before had we seen proper manufactures in a game and especially with nearly 300 cars to choose from never this much selection.Added to that the amount of tweaks you could make (the manual came in two booklets each over 50 pages long) and this was a game that changed the face of racing games forever.

The Sims 2000 PC

When released in 2000 this game was so easy to pick up play and find your way along the learning curve that very quickly before you realised you were hooked.The premise was that you controlled a sim(Person) and you were in charge of there every day lives,from changing the way they looked to buying the latest accessories for the new house you just built for them,the problem being was that like every day life if the latest gadgets and household technology are out of your price range then it makes you feel a little inadequate and this was what drew you in.You wanted your sim to get a better job to afford to be able to buy nicer things.The characters you controlled let you know what they were thinking through thought bubbles and although it took a long time to get anything done it was simply brilliant.The sims caught on so well that they were made to release expansion packs to keep the gamers happy,seven expansion packs were released to date.

Sim City 1989 pc

This game not only changed the face of sim related games such as civilization,and the sims.Will Wright the games maker went and took an urban planning course,set up his own computer game company and created Sim City which became the first computer game hit and went onto sell millions.The basic premise is to build some roads,make some zones such as commercial and industrial,build some homes,and a power plant to power it all,then wait for your sims to move in,very quickly they will tell you they want a school and a library and lots of other things then they start moving out and you cant figure out why,then it hits you,they have now water supply so you set out laying water pipes and that's when the game has you.its very,very addictive.Once you have spent hours building your perfect city and you have millions of people living there you can save it and start a fresh or you can rain down a tornado or monster to destroy it.Simply amazing.

Pac-Man 1980

In 1980 Namco released one of the best selling and most worldly travelled games ever,it has been played in virtually every civilised country and has been seen on everything from arcade machines to wristwatches to cartoons,i could go on and on about pac-man but you know,you've played it right.

Grand Theft Auto 3 2001 PS2

If you have played the original gta games then you know how much fun they were as you played top-down style gaming and laughed as the car you stole run someone down and left bloody tire marks on the road.Grand Theft Auto 3 changed gaming as it went from top-down to a huge 3d world that allowed you to go anywhere and do virtually anything.It was the first game of its type to allow an open style of gaming,you want to wander the streets in the dead of night or jump under a train,or sleep with a prostitute then kill her and take her purse,you could do it all.Amongst all that was a good storyline and addictive game-play,but it really was the openness of it all that got you hooked.I used to find ramps,steal a car then fly my car up the ramp and into the sea or i used to find a multistory car park and a sniper rifle and go killing.Truly awesome game.

Tomb Raider PS1 1996

When this was originally released it grabbed the attention of every gamer,i knew about it before it even came out.It basically made the PlayStation as popular as it is today because of this game.You play the role of Lara Croft and with the camera following you,you enter into a tomb system and have to solve various puzzles and fight several creatures while collecting treasures and items.She was able to climb walls and duck under spaces,the graphics and style of game-play hadn't been seen before and it was truly remarkable.Since its release it has gone on to spawn several follow ups and 2 films starring Angelina Jolie.


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    • RetroBrothers profile image

      Martin Allan 6 years ago from Sunny Scotland

      It's funny as Tomb Raider never really did it for me.

      Can't argue with Sim City - it really was a revolutionary game back then!

      For me Speedball II (Amiga) is one of the best games ever and Leader Board stands as the first 'proper' golf game on a home computer (back in the 8-bit days)

      As far as 1st person shooters go Doom broke the mould but Half Life elevated it to a whole new level.

      Great hub!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @david 470 sadly for me david i am old enough to be able to remember every single game on this list,although i have left a few great games out,may have to do a pt2

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Tomb raider is amazing! I have been playing all of them since the late 90s! Sadly I can not relate to many people on the franchise. Its not quite as popular as it once was...(90s that is)

      Great hub ! I play pac man from time to time. I can not play it for a very long time though its hard for me. I did not exist when it came out lol...