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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Ash Mountain: The Death of Balreth

Updated on October 18, 2014

The secrets of Balreth's previous containment have been laid bare, thanks to the sarcastic Mavos Siloreth, and now you can head back to Ash Mountain and cage the beast for all eternity. Will it truly be that easy, though? Or are you in for a deadly battle against a primeval foe that you cannot hope to win?

To Ash Mountain

Location: Othrenis

NPC: Onuja

Level: 7

Reward: 26 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete the quests of Othrenis, ending with Rending Flames. This article has all the details you'll need to get it done. Speak with Onuja in the aftermath to begin Balreth's end.

- Onuja will send you to the base of Ash Mountain to speak with Garyn Indoril again. Trek back to the place where you first met Garyn; he's still there, and speaking to him will end the quest and bring in a new one.

A fiery guardian during the To Ash Mountain quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.
A fiery guardian during the To Ash Mountain quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Restoring the Guardians

Location: Ash Mountain

NPC: Garyn Indoril

Level: 7

Reward: 57 gold

- You know how to bind Balreth, but, according to Garyn, the two guardians you need to use have been temporarily dispelled from the area. You'll have to appease their love of carnage to bring them back into the fight. How? By collecting Daedra Hearts.

- Make your way up the sides of Ash Mountain. The area is populated by Scamps and Clannfear, and both will drop Daedra Hearts when killed. You need to collect ten Daedra Hearts. There's no need to linger anywhere - you shouldn't have any trouble collecting all ten as you make your way to the summit.

- Once you have your ten Hearts, look for a large shrine off the main path. At the top is a brazier where you can summon Ragebinder. Summon it using the Hearts and defeat the guardian to earn its power. Ragebinder is strong enough, but there are usually so many players crawling 'round here that you'll have help in your fights.

- Continue up the path to find the lava flow on the mountain that's split by a small island. A shrine that will allow you to summon the guardian Blaze is here. The fight is basically the same as Ragebinder.

- Both powers in hand, head to the rear of this area. You'll find Walks-in-Ash. Speak to her to complete the quest and trigger the last in this quest line.

The Death of Balreth

Location: Ash Mountain

NPC: Walks-in-Ash

Level: 8

Reward: Dagon Morag, 114 gold, 1 Skill Point

- Do as you did in a previous quest: summon Blaze and Ragebinder. The pedestals are in the same places as before, behind you and to the right and left of the main path.

- Speak to Mavos, who will appear in the archway at the end of the path. He'll offer some last-minute advice, then tell you to enter the portal behind him. Do so when you're ready to battle. Fight time!

Balreth, a hefty, fire-based undead boss battled during The Death of Balreth quest in The Elder Scrolls Online. (Guess what happens to him.)
Balreth, a hefty, fire-based undead boss battled during The Death of Balreth quest in The Elder Scrolls Online. (Guess what happens to him.)


Chances are good this is your first big boss battle in The Elder Scrolls Online, and Balreth does not disappoint. Though hardly impossible, the enormous fire demon is pretty tough. Balreth is a cumbersome creature, relying on a combination of strong physical attacks and (more often) wide AOE fire attacks to deal damage. Facing doesn't matter that much to Balreth, as its most devastating strikes emanate out from the creature. It can also restore its health rapidly when standing in one of the lava pits on the sides of its lair, and Scamps will occasionally appear to attack you from the sides.

You have Gavyn's help in this fight, and he's somewhat useful, but better than this is the Storm Talisman given to you before the fight begins. Get in close to Balreth immediately and engage him before he can stride into the lava to restore the damage he's already sustained. Use the Talisman when you're close enough to slow Balreth, preventing him from stepping into the lava. That done, begin wailing on the beast with your strongest attacks. Pull away as needed to avoid his AOE attacks, and keep strafing to force Balreth to turn as he tracks you. Anything that lowers Balreth's defenses or deals extra damage to fire will help a lot in this fight, though you can make do with neither if your level is a bit higher than the norm. If Scamps do pop in (and they will!), kill them off before concentrating back on Balreth.

- Speak to Mavos after the battle. He'll congratulate you and tell you to leave, summoning a portal. Enter it and you'll jump back to Ash Mountain. Speak to Walks-in-Ash back at the camp to finish the quest line at long last.


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