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The Hobbit Action Figures From The Movie - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on July 16, 2012

On this page we are going to take a look at The Hobbit action figures. We will see what kind of action figures we may be getting that are based on The Hobbit movie coming out at the end of 2012. We will also see if we can give you any release dates for the figures and anything else such as prices and where to buy them from. This page will basically be your one stop guide for everything you need to know about Hobbit action figures.

In December 2012 Peter Jackson finally releases his long awaited prequel to The Lord Of The Rings. The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey is the first of two films that are being released. The second, There And Back Again will come out a year later at the end of 2013. With the release of the movie there is obviously massive scope for merchandise and toys. One area that will be very popular is action figures. So what can we tell you about action figures for The Hobbit?

New Hobbit Action Figure

Action Figures From The Hobbit Movie

Back in 2011 Warner Brothers struck a deal and awarded the licence to a little known toy company called The Bridge Direct. There were some raised eyebrows when this happened as this is a relatively young company with very little experience in this kind of thing. There most well known toys to date are Zhu Zhu pets, nice little toys but certainly nothing to get excited about. So why did Warner Brothers go for this small toy company.

Well since we heard this news there have been more details coming out that give us a few clues as to Warner Brothers decision. In recent times The Bridge Direct has acquired the services of a few people who have previously worked on Lord Of The Rings toys. These were said to work for the company ‘Play Along’ and they apparently worked on the ‘Armies Of Middle Earth’ range of figures. These were very nice and very popular, so this may be one of the main reasons that they were awarded the licence.

So although on the surface of it, this company may seem to have little going for it, in reality there is plenty of experience and know how which we are hoping will convert into some great toys. Although many people feared the worst when they heard the news of this deal, now more details have emerged people's confidence seems to be growing once more. So what kind of thing can be expect when it comes to toys and action figures from The Bridge Direct?

Gandalf Figure

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The Action Figure Range

When we first published this article there was no real concrete news on release date, prices or even what kind of figures we would be seeing. Since then however more details have come out and we do now know a little more plus as you can see we have got some pictures of the figures.

We are expecting some heavily detailed action figures. The Bridge Direct have announced they will be making two sizes of figures, a six inch version and also a smaller three and a half inch version. These will come in various packs and you should also be able to buy the figures individually from some places. There are certainly lots of characters in the new Hobbit Movie that will convert very well into action figures. The company of dwarfs will look very nice and of course we assume we will get a Bilbo, Gandalf and a nice Gollum figure. We are also getting a few replica weapons such as Sting and Glamdring.

Something that fans will be interested in will be if they are going to get a Smaug figure at any point in the future. This would we assume be a little bigger and it will be interesting to see exactly what comes out. There is also a strong possibility that The Bridge Direct will try to produce some more replicas of things from the film, something else that will no doubt do very well for the company. They will have competition if they do this however as Weta Workshop are also bringing out a range of replicas from the Hobbit movie.

Although we have no release dates we are pretty sure they will be released in time for the first film which comes out in December 2012. Rumours of a release date sometime over the fall have been bounded around but it’s still all speculation. When we get some concrete news on the matter we will update the page and let you know all about prices and release dates etc..

Although the Bridge Direct are not seen as a massive player in the toy world they certainly are a company with a great deal of ambition. The award of this licence may well be the kick start this company needs and we may well be hearing a lot more of them in future. With the experienced team they now seem to have in place we are all hoping for a really good range of The Hobbit action figures. All we can do now is wait and see exactly what this company is capable of.


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      6 years ago

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      NECA is also doing some Hobbit figures

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i hope the quality of the hobbit action figures are as good if not better than the toy-biz range , if not they will not sell in the same quantities and they will not have such keen and friendly collectors chasing them

    • winbo profile image


      9 years ago



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