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Replicas From The Hobbit Movie - From Weta Workshop

Updated on June 12, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at Hobbit replicas from the movie. The company behind these is Weta Workshop so we will take a close look at what kind of Hobbit replicas we can expect to see from Weta as well as when the release date for these is likely to be and what kind of prices we might be looking at. If you are a fan of The Hobbit then this subject should really interest you.

The Hobbit is one of the most eagerly awaited movies of our time. This prequel to the Lord Of The Rings has taken over a decade to finally hit our screens. Tolkien fans of fantasy fiction fans simply cannot wait for this event. With the release of the film we are going to see a vast horde of collectables, toys, games and other memorabilia. Some of this will be top quality and some of it will not. One company who we are expecting to see some really nice stuff from though is Weta. So first of all who are Weta?

Gandalf Statue From Weta

Weta Workshop & The Hobbit

The vast majority of people who have enjoyed the LOTR movies will be familiar with the name Weta. This is the company who were responsible for many of the wonderful costumes and props that we saw in the movies. They create the stunning costumes that pretty much all the characters were wearing. Unlike a normal movie the LOTR films had some serious costume work to take on, just think of all those Orcs! Along with costume design they also create the props and many of the details on some of the scenery we see. Weta are one of the main companies who were responsible for bringing Middle Earth to life.

Due to the success of LOTR it is no great surprise that the films director Peter Jackson has once again turned to this company for help on his follow up films. So once again Weta will be entrusted with creating some stunning visuals as we return to Middle Earth for the two Hobbit movies. They already have the know how so it will be interesting to see just how impressive some of their work is when we take a close look at some of the film details.

Along with just creating things for the films though Weta are also in the collectables industry. Following the Lord Of The Rings films they created a vast amount of replicas based on the movies which people could then buy. So you could buy swords, statues and all kinds of little things based on the story. So what about when the Hobbit comes out?

New Replicas From The Hobbit

So in June 2012 Weta announced that they had been given the licence to bring Middle Earth to the masses. This agreement allows the company to base their new releases on all the characters, scenery and storylines from the two new Hobbit films. As you can imagine, this gives them a vast wealth of subject material to work with. So what kind of thing will we be seeing when they start releasing these replicas?

Well much like the LOTR replicas we are going to be getting life sized items from the movie, things such as swords and other weaponry. So we are going to assume we will see Bilbo’s sword Sting as one of the main items. We will also see dioramas, artwork, jewellery and a range of statues. There is a good chance the jewellery will have an Elven theme. When it comes to statues we are expecting some really nice ones of the Dwarves and then surely a detailed version of Smaug would be high on many people’s wish lists. The artwork based on the films as well should be really interesting, we will likely see some of the stand out scenes turned into beautiful pieces of art. If the previous work from Weta is anything to go by then we should see some stunning pieces coming out in the next few years.

As for release dates we are expecting the first wave of items to become available sometime in the fall, following that will should see a steady stream of things coming out in the next few years. The company have said they will preview some items at Comic-Con in July and they may even make a few available then for early release. Price wise these will obviously vary depending on size and detail.

If you are a fan of The Hobbit you should really be impressed with some of the replicas that Weta are going to be releasing over the next few years. When it comes to quality and detail this is a company that are hard to beat. When we get more news of updates on the replicas we are going to be seeing we will update this page and let you know exactly what to expect. If you can’t wait to get your hands on Hobbit memorabilia then there is already plenty of LOTR items out there that you can pick up.


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