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The New Lord Of The Rings Lego Sets - What To Expect

Updated on May 4, 2012

Today we are going to look at what to expect from the new Lord Of The Rings Lego sets. These have a release date of summer 2012 and look set to be very popular. We will take a look at the new LOTR Lego sets and give you a few ideas about prices and where you will be able to buy them from. Most importantly though we will tell you exactly what these new Lord Of The Rings Lego sets are going to be like.

At the end of 2012 Peter Jackson finally releases his long awaited prequel to The Lord Of The Rings. The Hobbit will come in the form of two films released a year apart with the ssecond installment in December 2013. With the announcement of these forthcoming films, rumours surfaced that Lego may well strike up a deal with Warner Brothers to bring the movie to life in Lego form. Late in 2011 the deal was done and it was revealed that not only would we be getting Hobbit Lego, but also Lord Of The Rings Lego. This was huge news and very exciting for all Lego fans. So now we are just a few months away from the release of these exciting new Lego sets. So what exactly are we going to be getting?

Orc Minifigures

The Lord Of The Rings Lego Sets

As the year has progressed more and more details have been released about what new LOTR Lego sets we are going to be getting. Now we have pretty much all the details about the new sets and so we wanted to give you a heads up as to what to expect. So in the summer of 2012 we are going to be getting a total of seven new LOTR sets. So below we have listed the seven new sets along with their product numbers.

Gandalf Arrives - 9469

Shelob Attacks - 9470

Uruk-Hai Army - 9471

Attack On Weathertop - 9472

Mines Of Moria - 9473

Battle Of Helms Deep - 9474

The Orc Forge - 9476

As you can see from the list there is quite a range of toys from all three LOTR movies. Some classic scenes that will no doubt make for some really good Lego sets.

The smallest of the new sets is going to be Gandalf Arrives, this will retail at just around the $13 mark so it is quite cheap. With this one you get a Gandalf and Frodo minifigure. The minifigures we are going to see from these sets really do look very impressive. The largest and most impressive of the new sets is going to be the Battle Of Helms Deep, this will have close to 1400 pieces and will cost somewhere in the region of $130. So a really impressive large set with some serious building work to be done. With this one you get a massive nine minifigures, this one is sure to be on many people’s Christmas wish list!

The various sets all look really impressive. There are lots of moving parts and some really nice builds. The minifigures are without a doubt the highlights of all the sets, you even get a little Gollum figure with Shelob Attacks. As well as the entire fellowship being present in minifigure form you also get quite a few bad guys such as Orcs, Goblins and even a Cave Troll which comes with the Mines Of Moria set.

Battle Of Helms Deep

The Lord Of The Rings Minifigures

Shelob Set

More Lego LOTR & Hobbit Lego Sets

Currently then there have just been seven sets officially announced. But more often that not when Lego bring out a new series such as this one they let it run for a few years. Plus the fact is that this deal with Warner Brothers will have cost some serious money so Lego will want to get the best out of it by bringing out lots of sets that will sell well for them. So although we have nothing set in stone we are expecting more sets either later in the year or early in 2013. The potential for new sets really is exciting, how would you like to see Rivendell in Lego, or Orthanc, maybe Mount Doom or even Minas Tirith. Some really wonderful possibilities for Lego to work with over the coming months and years.

Then later in 2012 we are expecting to see some Hobbit Lego sets. There has been nothing official yet but we are expecting to see sets released in time for the release of the first movie in December. Lego have confirmed they will be bringing out Hobbit Lego so maybe we could see sets such as The Shire, The Trolls, The Lonely Mountain, Mirkwood and Lake Town. There really is plenty of things we could see released in the way of Hobbit Lego.

Fans of both Lego and Lord Of The Rings have been waiting for these Lego sets for over a decade. It was a surprise to many that these sets didn’t come out when the LOTR films were released. I often used to hear the joke ‘why is Orlando Bloom sad? Because he is Lego-less’. But now at last the fans are getting what they want, their favourite characters finally turned into Lego format. So 2012 looks like being an exciting year for Lego and no doubt in 2013 we will get many more fantastic new sets based on both the Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings.


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