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The Hobbit Stamps - New Zealand Post Commemorative Stamps

Updated on February 17, 2013

In this article we are going to be having a look at Hobbit stamps. If you are a fan of Tolkien’s work and enjoy the Hobbit then this is a release that should interest you. Stamp collectors from all over the world will be looking to get their hands on these lovely new Hobbit stamps. We will tell you when they are released, what to expect from them and most importantly, where you can get them from.

The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey finally hit’s the big screen at the end of 2012. Peter Jackson has been planning this film for well over a decade and it’s sure to be massive when it comes out. As this is now a trilogy, the hype around The Hobbit will run for a good few years as each film comes out. Lots of companies have got themselves involved and there is a massive range of merchandise that we will see over the coming years. One of the latest bits of news is that we are going to see a set of collectable Hobbit stamps, so let’s take a look at these.

The First Hobbit Stamp

The Hobbit Stamps Come To New Zealand

So as is only right and proper, Hobbit stamps are going to be released in New Zealand. In fact New Zealand are the only country in the world that have been given the rights to turn these into official legal stamps. Along with the stamps there will also be a set of commemorative coins which will mark the release of the first movie. New Zealand Post are behind the stamps and they have worked along with Warner Bros to make sure these stamps represent the best of Middle Earth.

The first stamp to be previewed is a 70c version of Bilbo Baggins. We are also going to see other stamps with different values and these will feature well known characters from Middle Earth such as the dwarves, Gandalf and possibly Gollum. The stamps have an official release date of 1st November but we are expecting them to be available for pre-order early October. As with the vast majority of Hobbit merchandise these are likely to be very collectable and sought after.

As these are legal tender so to speak you will of course be able to use them to post letters from New Zealand. Hence we may well see them turning up all over the world. Alternatively we are expecting them to start showing up for purchase online shortly after their release date.

Tolkien Stamps

More Tolkien Stamps

Although these are the first official Hobbit stamps to be released from the movie there have previously been Tolkien stamps brought out. Back in 2004 in the UK there was a set of 1st class stamps released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Fellowship Of The Ring. These stamps featured original drawings from Tolkien taken from the LOTR books. Another release in the UK came back in 1998, this featured five stamps relating to children’s books, one of which was based on The Hobbit.

Back to New Zealand Post, back when the Lord Of The Rings movies came out they also released a line of stamps that were very popular. There were ones based on each part of the trilogy and these depicted various well known characters such as Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, Boromir and Legolas. These came in special commemorative booklets and are still seen as very collectable.

There are various other countries that have had a go at producing Tolkien stamps, some based on the Lord Of The Rings and some based upon The Hobbit. As the hype around Peter Jackson’s new movie increases we are expecting these stamps to be even more popular. The new Hobbit Stamps that are coming out in New Zealand are also sure to be very popular and fans all over the world will be looking to get their hands on them.

As they did with the LOTR stamps New Zealand Post will be releasing more issues of Hobbit stamps prior to each individual movie from the trilogy. So there are going to be lots more collectable Hobbit stamps to look forward to over the coming years. As well as that we are expecting other postal services from around the world to jump in on the act so with the release of each part of the trilogy we could well see some other new Hobbit Stamps being released. When we find more news of more new stamps we will update our page and bring you all the latest stamp news.


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