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Lego Release Lord Of The Rings Video Game

Updated on August 12, 2012

It has been announced that Lego are to release a new video game based on the Lord Of The Rings. On this page we examine this new game, find out the release date, look at price and basically tell you everything you will want to know about this new Lego LOTR video game. If you are a fan of either Lego or Lord Of The Rings, then this is some news you are going to want to hear.

Over the years Lego have brought out various video games that have delighted fans the world over. Some of the more memorable ones include Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Batman Lego games. In 2012 though they are unleashing a new game that could be one of the most popular yet. Lego Lord Of The Rings comes on the back of the release of the new sets that went on sale in June. These were hugely popular so it’s no surprise that Lego want to quickly build on that success with this new video game. So let’s have a closer look at it.

The LOTR Video Game

The New LOTR Video Game

So what can we expect to see when this game is released? Well we have seen an advanced preview of this game and we can tell you it looks great. The people behind this are once again Traveller’s Tales. This is the same company who have been responsible for all the previous releases we have seen in this genre. With this new one though they are keeping it very close to the original storyline and also incorporating lots of dialogue from the movie. This is something Lego have done before, but never on this scale.

So the game starts with you as Frodo in the Shire. Then you follow the story on the quest to destroy the Ring of Power. So you take Frodo and Sam and then the rest of the Fellowship on their adventures. All the major scenes are there and you can play out some great sets. The clever thing with this game is that when you have completed a certain phases of the game you will see a little movie clip of the Lego characters but with actual dialogue taken straight from the film. So you get all the actual actors voices included in the game which really is a nice touch.

The game is wonderful in the way you can alternate between the characters. For instance you can play as any of the nine members of the Fellowship. Each characters has their own special abilities, so Gandalf has his staff he can cast spells with and also Glamdring his sword. Gimli has his axe which he is very handy with and of course Legolas has his bow. You can improve the weapons as they do in the film, for instance Frodo gets the sword Sting while in Rivendell. As the game moves along some of the characters improve their skills and their weaponry just as they did in the actual story. As well as the key characters you can also play as lots of the other ones, so people like Theodin, Arwen, Galadriel to name a few are also characters who feature in the game. Lego have stated that there are around eighty different characters that you can play with at various different times in the game.

In Game Footage

Join Frodo On His Quest

Release Date & Other News

So now you know a little bit about the new game you are probably wondering when you will be able to get your hands on it. Well a while back a retail website listed the game with a release date of October 26th. This was quickly removed from the site but most people have taken this to mean it will be released in the fall around October. Lego have not confirmed this but they have said it will hit shops sometime in the fall. As for price we are assuming this will be similar to other previous games that the company have brought out.

If you are wondering where you will be able to play this, well it is going to be brought out on all the major platforms such as PC, Playstation, Wee, Xbox and also a few hand held devices such as the DS and a few others. No doubt when this game does hit the shops it is going to be massively popular as fans have been wanting a game based on LOTR for many years now.

As well as the release of this game we are also expecting there to be a Hobbit video game coming out at some point in the future. This will probably now be in 2013 but with the release of the Hobbit movie at the end of 2012 there is going to be plenty of hype around that Lego will want to take advantage of. We are guessing that a Hobbit game would be pretty similar to the LOTR game with the story line being taken from Tolkien’s original work and all the classic characters being involved once again.

As you can see the new LOTR game from Lego is sure to be massively popular. The company Traveller’s Tales really know how to take something and turn it into a fun and entertaining product. This franchise gives them the ideal opportunity to use their knowledge and make something really special. Come the fall of 2012 fans of Lego and Lord Of The Rings will be rushing out to get their hands on this one.


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