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The New FarmVille Twist the English Farm

Updated on April 9, 2011

Although the online game of FarmVille which is offered by both Zynga and Facebook is not as very popular as before, solid fans and aficionados of the game are still alive and kicking so as to speak. The die-hard followers (like me) seemed not to fade on their enthusiasm on playing the game. The gamers continue to get down and dirty muddling through the game plowing, planting and harvesting produce and the like.

Although many are perhaps bored with the game, got burned out or simply just carried away with the other new games offered by Zynga such as the latest gaming craze which are the CityVille and Frontierville to name a few, many still plays the game with so much zest.

The latest offering from Farmville the English Countryside
The latest offering from Farmville the English Countryside
My farm in the English Countryside
My farm in the English Countryside

These people seemed not to falter in enjoying the twists and offerings provided by the game. The FarmVille is still like the game we enjoyed before but with a lot of enhancements and game features this time. One can now enjoy the various quests or missions of the game. Crafting also provide some more fun to the game as one can be able use their harvests to level up further and gain more Farmville coins.

There are more exciting items up for sale in the market as well as. The fun here seemed not to stop, and just recently leveling up is faster and easier as FarmVille rolled out the English Farm which is creating raves and buzz.

Extra missions are added to the farm as one can get the chance to earn FarmVille cash (yes the denominations used in the game to buy posh items), exclusive items, FarmVille coins, experience points and many more. The missions here are indeed challenging and exciting as well.

One can also have the chance to breed various sheep types in your English farm and it takes some potion and patience to do it so.

The English farm features a lot of new buildings, crops, trees, decorations and many more to give you a great way to start another farm and to break the boredom of playing your old farm.

Getting help from your neighbors is relatively easy here to accomplish goals or missions. Simply click the encircled object below and you will gain access to a sort of map and click on your friends to seek help from them.

Click on the village below (encircled).

Once you gain access to the village you can now able to seek help from your friends in an easier and faster fashion.

The Farmville English Countryside is another uncharted territory to explore and take pleasure in as it provides a lot of spontaneous things that will surely keep you glued on your farm for the coming months. I enjoyed it I hope you will too.

Here's more info about the English Farm in YouTube

Before saying “Adios,” let me impart you some important tips to bolster your playing experience at English further. Here it goes:

1. To double your mastery of every crop you harvest simply use one of the bushels of the very plant you are going to harvest in your market stall. The trick will last for 2 hours which is ample enough to harvest your produce.

Keep in mind that you can able to access the "Farmer's Market," by virtue of clicking one of your market stalls.

You can also use the other features of the market by simply "Buy Goods" from your friends and "Use Goods" as fuels to power up your vehicles when plowing, planting and harvesting.

2. Gain lots of neighbors right away, seek help from your existing friends. You might also find it useful to search for potential neighbors by typing “Farmville Neighbors” in the search area of your screen FaceBook home or profile page. Once you found the webpages that allows you to have as many Farmville friends as you can, post “Need neighbors” in the wall or befriend and invite the people there as your neighbors. These people are in dire need of friends like you too and will be an easy picking for you to have neighbors at an instant. You need these people to open the English farm and these new people will also be of great help when you tackle your goals or quests.

Click picture or image to enlarge

3.  You need to expand to take full at advantage of leveling up and gaining more items and Farmville coins. But you need to meet the required number of surveyors to do that. Ask help from you friends about this.

To access farm expansion click on the market, farm aides and expand.

4. Remember that you can enjoy both worlds of your farm (your old and the English Farm) or simply settle with your old or new farm.

Click on the encircled object below to help you travel to your old or new farm.

You can also opt to play both of your farms simultaneously or just one of them by clicking the encircled texts below.


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