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The Trash Pack Series 3 - Release Date, New Trashies Characters

Updated on September 24, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the Trash Pack series 3. We will talk about release dates, new characters and where you can buy these new Trashies from. Basically if you are a fan of Trash Pack we will give you as much information as we possibly can about series 3. Plus we will tell you a little bit about the company behind these toys.

The Trash Pack first hit the shops in 2011. The small collectable toys are made by an Australian company called Moose Enterprise. The success of these toys was massive, children from all over the world were soon collecting these and were eager for some new releases. In March 2012 series 2 came out and the popularity of Trashies started to grow. So now as people start to add to their collections, people want news of a series 3. So let’s see what we can tell you about this.

The Trash Pack Series 3

Series 3 Of The Trash Pack

So we can now tell you that Series 3 has indeed been confirmed. The release date for these new Trashies is going to be sometime over the fall. Although there are already a few showing up online. We expect that by September they should be hitting the shops and be available for general release. The fact is that as time has gone by the demand for these toys has increased. No doubt the people at Moose have been amazed how popular these little collectables have become. It would make perfect sense for them to bring out a new series to build on the success of the previous two. So when might this be.

Well the toy industry always experiences a boom around Christmas time for obvious reasons. Most companies look to put new products out late in the year around two months before Christmas. With series 2 coming out in March that means that the makers of these toys will have a good six month period to put together lots of new characters and get then out there into the market. This would be the ideal time to see a Trash Pack Series 3 so that people can start buying these for the holiday period. We have also heard rumours that the new trash cans will be blue in color, something that has now been confirmed.

If you are a fan of these toys you will know that there are six families or teams of Trashies. These are the Grubz, Astro Trash, Bin-Sects, Bin Critters, Hard Rubbish and Bin Monsters. Series 3 looks as though it will stick with these main teams. Some of the new characters include Smelly Onion, Cacky Cake, Sick Garlic, Dank Dishwasher, Feral Fridge, Gobbles, Rock Roach and Ooze Ogre. There are obviously going to be lots of other characters brought out as well from the new series. Along with all these new characters we are also going to see a very large trash can, ideal for storing your favourite Trashies in. There are also rumours that there will be a new dump truck brought out to go along with this set. The first glimpse we have seen of the Trash Pack series does look very impressive and we are expecting these to be very popular once again.

With Ooze Slime

A Big Year For Trashies

The reality is that even if we never see a series 3, 2012 has been a massive year for the Trash Pack. Although these toys have not quite reached the level of popularity we have seen from Squinkies which are very similar, they are getting ever more popular and they are now being sold all over the world. The people at Moose have been bringing out toys for twenty years now, they know how to promote new toys and they no how to sell them. So we are expecting Trashies to get even bigger in the future and hence we will probably see lots of new releases in the range.

One of the big appeals of these toys is just how collectable they are. As well as all the regular characters you can collect there are also rare ones that are really hard to find. Along with these there are special edition characters, exclusive ones and limited edition. The third series of new characters will of course bring even more rare characters into the mix. Due to this fact children seem hooked on collecting these, the excitement of finding a rare one just seems to appeal so much to them. Plus of course there is the added bonus that you can pick up a pack of these for quite a cheap price. So you can build up your collection without having to spend an absolute fortune like you might do on some other toys out there.

As you can see Trash Pack really is an exciting new line of toys that have been introduced. Now that series 3 has indeed been confirmed it won't be long till we see them popping up in stores all over the place. This looks like being probably the biggest and best range of characters yet and with Christmas approaching we are sure these are going to be extremely popular all around the world. In the future we may well see a series 4 and then even more coming out in the coming years. For now though there are plenty of Trashies out there that you and your children can really enjoy collecting.


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    • profile image

      Seth 4 years ago

      You should make robots

    • profile image

      jagger 5 years ago

      Hey there already is a grott rocket and trash craft and trashilite coppier

    • profile image

      joe 5 years ago

      what ali said , everybody vote for purple can.

    • profile image

      Ali 5 years ago

      When you make series 4 you should do purple cans

    • profile image

      hialexc 5 years ago

      Trash packs are good and I really like them. Im so glad that series 3 is coming out

    • profile image

      Ryan schwartz 5 years ago

      I hope that there are easier to find limited edition. And also I hope there is a team called astro junk with a red and yellow grott rocket and trash craft and trashellite

    • profile image

      supereggy5 5 years ago

      I have seen blue Trash Cans, so yes. There is a series 3.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Have Trash Pack toys landed in The Colonies? I don't recall seeing them or hearing about them.