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Trash Pack Series 2 - Buy Trashies Characters Online

Updated on April 19, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at Trash Pack series 2. We will review some of the new characters from series 2, talk about the release date and prices and where you can buy series 2 Trash Packs online. Basically if you are a fan of these little collectables this page will tell you everything you need to know about Trash Pack and the trashies they contain.

The Trash Pack toys are made by Moose Enterprise which is an Australian toy company. The first lot of these hit the shops back in 2011. They were a huge success and are seen by many to be very similar to Squinkies which have also done very well in recent years. So Trash Pack are basically small soft little collectable characters known as trashies which come in their very own trash cans. There are hundreds of characters to collect and a few accessories to enhance your collection as well. In this article though we are going to be focusing on series 2.

Trash Pack Series 2

Trash Pack Series 2 Arrvies

So following the huge success of the first sets of Trash Pack toys Moose Enterprise were keen to build on this success. So they have now released series 2. So now there are even more of the squishy trashies to collect. As you can see they are based on things that you would find in the garbage, old food stuffs, broken bottles, smashed appliances and lots of other unpleasantness.

There are over a hundred new characters to collect and these all have their very own personality. You can also get special game cards with some of the new packs in series 2. These had a release date of early in 2012 so they are now available to buy from a few different places, though we tend to find buying them online can be the cheapest option.

If you know anything about these trashies you will know that they come in their own little teams or families. There are currently seven different teams and these are The Grubz, Bin-sects, Hard Rubbish, Bin-fections, Bin Monsters, Astro Trash and Bin Critters. Each individual Trash Pack character will belong to one of these teams. There are also different levels of difficulty when it comes to finding characters. Some are classed as common whereas you also have rare, ultra rare, special edition, limited edition and exclusive. The idea behind this is that you can collect these and then swap them with friends to complete your collection. Some of the trashies also have different finishes on them, so most are common but you also have metallic, transparent and flocked.

Collecting Trashies Series 2

To collect these you obviously have to buy the packs. Series 2 has a few different packs that you can buy. The cheapest of these is the Find A Surprise Egg. These contain 2 trashies and a collectors guide. Obviously it is completely random which new characters you will get if you buy this one. Then you can buy the 5 pack which has five trash cans, five trashies and a collectors guide, these are usually around the $10 mark. An exciting one is the 8 Pack Fizz Bag. This comes with two trash cans and eight trashies, but to make them that little more interesting they come in a little bag that you throw into water and it dissolves away, these usually have a price of around $20. The largest of the sets in series 2 is the 12 Pack. This features five small bins and one large one plus twelve characters which will include two special edition mouldy trashies. You also get a collectors guide and a game booklet, these are usually around $20 in price.

As you can see there are a few different ways you can go about collecting Trash Pack series 2. The great thing about these little characters is that they are quite cheap to buy and children can swap them with each other to build up their collections. It is expected that we will be seeing a series 3 at some point in the future as these are still selling very well for the company behind the toys. No word on release date for that yet bit if we hear anything we will let you know. Along with the characters you can also buy special accessories such as garbage trucks, ooze chambers and dumpsters.

As we see the popularity of Squinkies grow and grow it looks as though Trash Pack toys will also be growing in popularity over the coming years. These grotesque little creatures seem to be very popular with young boys and no doubt they are going to be around for a while.


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