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The amazing Magic Jinn game! A Hasbrow Game review for

Updated on November 3, 2013

Magic Jinn

My kit was well packed, included coupons and the Magic Jinn gaming device.
My kit was well packed, included coupons and the Magic Jinn gaming device.

Magic Jinn

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My rating on Magic Jinn

4 stars for Magic Jinn by Hasbrow Games

Magic Jinn

Magic Jinn, by Hasbro Games.  A cute little cat type creature.
Magic Jinn, by Hasbro Games. A cute little cat type creature.

What is Magic Jinn

Magic Jinn is a new game by Hasbrow games, that I had the chance to review through

It's a plastic toy, about the size of an adults fist, it requires 3 AAA batteries, and once installed, you're ready to play!

This game is recommended for children ages 6+, it helps promote logic, creativity and fun!

Our family used this little toy at least a dozen times when it arrived. We were excited to try it out!

How to use it...

First, install the batteries and place it on a table or other area where you'll be sitting comfortably and the device can clearly recognize your voice. Press the button (which is the nose) to turn it on and off.

Once you turn it on, a series of prompts will begin telling you how to play. All you have to do is think of an animal, and Magic Jinn will figure out what that animal is by asking yes or no questions, similar to the game 20 questions.

My personal review we go.

This thing arrived well packed, no assembly required, and ready to go, for the exception of 3 AAA batteries, we were excited to give it a try. I have to admit that Hasbrow games has some competition due to PSP's and tablets. Kids don't seem as interested in this kind of stuff anymore. It is interesting and novel little unit, but my 7 year old boy would rather play a free game on the internet, sorry Hasbrow. He did however say that he "loves Magic Jinn" but I think if he loved it, he'd play with it for more than 10 minutes at a time, but what do I know. I also looked up the retail value of Magic Jinn and they are asking $20.00, that's a bit high to me. I'd give $15 max, and even that seems a bit generous.

Anyhow...Magic Jinn is amusing. If you do not speak clearly, it screws up and guess's wrong. However, when it did work correctly, it was able to guess things like Koala bear, bee, and even lobster! OK...that was impressive! I wish I could figure out who gave it the name Magic Jinn, because that's a really weird name to me, the voice of the thing gets pretty annoying, but it does try to squeeze in an occasional joke every now and then. This game is best for solo players, but we had fun playing it together, you just have to speak one at a time so you don't confuse it. I was grateful to try this unit out for free through, I gave it 4 stars because it only does one thing, and I feel at $20, it's a little over-priced, but it does have the Hasbrow name to back it up, which has been a trusted and reliable brand for many years.

Magic Jinn does inspire creative play, imagination, education, logic, patience and reasoning. And those are great things to teach young children.

Magic Jinn youtube review, this is not my review

What we loved and what we hated

What we loved
What we hated
It's educational
The voice gets annoying
It's goofy, novel and entertaining
No volume control and it's loud
Play together or solo
The voice is creepy
It's great a game to inspire creativity
It repeats itself a lot
When it works, it's funny
Doesn't always register your answers
Great for family night
Alfter about 1/2 hr of play, it loses it's novelty

© 2013 Rebecca


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