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Three Ways to Wow With Balloon Arches

Updated on April 29, 2008
Photo: pinkerton, Flickr
Photo: pinkerton, Flickr

Whether you're working on a kids party, a prom, school social, or a charity fundraiser balloon decorations make for a wonderful high impact visual that is also extremely inexpensive. The balloon arch is especially impressive and can serve a lot of different functions. Helium tanks are not terribly costly, but you can also create balloon arches from air-filled balloons. An air compressor, air mattress inflator, or hand held balloon inflator (plus many able hands) make the job of constructing a balloon arch easy.

Focal Point

Even for grown ups, it's hard not to look at a cluster of balloons. Fun colors catch our eyes and make us feel five again. Kids won't be able to look away from a big bunch of balloons together. A balloon arch can tie in colors to party themes. If you're having a party in a park, an arch makes a nice way for guests to find your party. Balloon arches add height and interest to floats and even academic presentations. If you plan to take photos at any event, a balloon arch against a wall or fence makes an impressive backdrop and adds spectacular color to the photos.

Entry Way

A balloon arch in the yard is a great way to mark the entrance to any child's party. You can use one inside during colder months too. An arch just inside the door create a festive welcome to little party guests. Events with gates or specific entrances can benefit by having balloon arches to mark the place where you want people to enter.

Space Marker

If you're planning an event with entertainment, a balloon arch is a nice way to create a stage area. For dances, you can mark off a dance floor area with multiple arches. If you're organizing an event like a field day or picnic with games that involves teams, you can use balloon arches in different colors to mark areas for teams to gather.

About Balloon Arch Balloons

Balloons filled with air last longer than those filled with helium, but they need more support. If you're making an arch with air filled balloons you may need several helpers to blow them up, but if you or a neighbor have an air compressor handy, you won't even need to get winded.

If you go with helium you won't need as sturdy a framework for your creation. Keep in mind renting a helium tank will significantly drive up the price. Plus, the helium balloons' tendency to float away makes them more difficult to work with.

It's really pretty easy to put together a balloon arch.

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  • jollyjump profile image

    jollyjump 5 years ago from Columbus, GA

    I'm in the party business and I'm always looking to add new things thanks!

  • b opinionated profile image

    b opinionated 9 years ago from California

    Who knew balloon arches could be so interesting. Very informative and interesting blog.