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Tips on how to play Hardcore Search and Destroy on Call of Duty modern warfare 3 ( MW3)

Updated on November 5, 2012


Here in this guide i will go over the basic tips and strategies that you should, or can use when playing Hardcore search and destroy to better yourself off, and help you do better in the game.

Also.. I am on the Xbox Live network, for those of you who continue to ask, my gamer tag is Agent Johnr. I tend to not add new members from here unless I play with you first, and I only play hardcore domination, or Infected, but either way if you see me on, feel free to send a shout out.

The tips and guide

So, if you have played the hardcore game types, you will notice that those who play search a lot, are quite good at it. Also they seem to have success game after game and typically don't camp.. So i will go over those strategies that we use to stay one step ahead of the people who do ont typically play hardcore search and destroy.

First off. You should stay one step ahead of your opponent. This means that as soon as that game starts you should be running, not waiting for anything. Also you should learn the shortest routes across the map, because that's the routes that the other team will follow and you will do the best. Next you should choose to use a small machines gun. This will allow easy hipfiring, and good maneuvering. This will make it easy for you to do good in a hardcore game. Now you should focus on on your movement. Always be ready to hit that trigger, and as i said you should be moving as soon as the game starts to get ahead. You should shoot everything you can see and any movements, if you start right off and go the shortest route, any movement you see will be enemy so shoot first ask questions later. You should also keep moving. If you stop this allows the enemy to find you. remember that there will be people constantly moving at all times, and you should not be the exception. If you want to do good in search and destroy you need to move, and not sit around waiting to get killed. By sitting around all you are doing is allowing someone to fix a XM-25 round on your position so keep MOVING.

Next you should choose the right kill streaks... I suggest simple.. Please do not think you will get an attack helicopter on hardcore search and destroy, yes it can be done, and has been done before, but trust me if you're reading this you will benefit more from a UAV, care package and predator missile. This will allow you to simply and easily get kill streaks throughout the game considering the fact that your kills do carry over into the next round.

When on defense some think it is ok to camp. This is a yes, and a no. You should not camp in dumb places. If you must camp, be productive, camp one of the bombs and be attentive. Do not camp in the spawn and hope an enemy comes to you, because if they do plant, now they have the upper advantage on you, because they WILL be camping there planted bomb, and they can hear you clearly when you start to diffuse the bomb. So remember if you must camp, camp wisely.

On offense. DO NOT EVER CAMP IN THE SPAWN. All this does is hurt your team, this is your chance to shine, and you should be running ahead of the competition as fast as you possibly can to stay ahead. You should not ruin your game for your teammates and friends by camping.

(PRE-RICOCHET DAYS!!!)last but not least. This is my biggest annoyance so this deserves all caps. DO NOT SHOOT ROCKETS AT THE GROUND AND KILL YOUR WHOLE TEAM. TO SAY THIS IS ANNOYING DOES NOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS. What i do not understand is why you would wanna shoot the ground, leave 1 teammate alive, then have to sit there and watch him for 3 minutes, 4 times in a row. So for 12 minutes, you go 0-4 kill to death, have to watch other people play, and make every person in the lobby hate you. SO WHY does this happen. Because people think it is funny. Well like i said, i do not know what is so funny about having to wait around for 12 minutes and having all that happen to you simply so you can have a laugh. IF you do, do it... Please stop.. And if you're wondering what im talking about, Go on live at about 3 pm when school gets out for all the under 17 kids who play, and you will see what i mean. So you ask how do you get around this. You play at the right time. When i play it is usually between the hours of 7 pm- 7 am... You will not see many kids online, and everyone is more down to earth.

So there you have it, my slight rant along with tips on how to play hardcore search and destroy. I hope this does help you increase your game a little bit, but feel free to message me either way, or comment, and will gladly answer and help you out.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      In my 20's bro.

    • profile image

      Sniper 5 years ago

      lemme guess you're 17 so everyone younger is some little kid who isn't good nor smart in anyway?

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      If you hit the select/back button which brings up the scoreboard, there are icons beside all the people who are dead on the scoreboard.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      How can you tell when everyone on the other team is dead and the bomb is planted?

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      HI, Glad the guide could help. As far as adding you, I am on a month break from my Xbox, but when I get back ill add you if i remember.

    • profile image

      xshadowsoilderx 6 years ago

      hi it is me again if u have xboxlive add me as your friend please i need more friends online thanxs dude

    • profile image

      xshadowsoilderx 6 years ago

      thank u i have started to do better the tips have been useful


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