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Top Girls' Toys of 2011

Updated on November 3, 2011

Christmas is fast approaching and if you want to be the best mom or dad on the block, you need a list of the top toys. Bratz made a return to the list after a brief hiatus. Mattel took into consideration what parent groups said about the dolls and brought the dolls back without an overtly adult look. While dolls are always popular and hot, this year’s offerings include a few things you might not expect.

Don’t be surprised if a few of the hot toys for 2011 take you by surprise. Kids now have access to toy ads in dozens of way, including television commercials, online marketing campaigns, toy wish books sent to your home, and the toys of their friends. Buying the little girls in your life the right toys will put a smile on her face and make you a happy parent.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls

The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls are the perfect gift for girls that love playing with makeup and hair products. This adorable little doll features bright pink pigtails made from flexible materials that bend and stretch as she pulls on the hair. The doll comes with a matching cat that you can style as well. The included hairbrush and barrettes let her decorate her hair in anyway. Toys R Us named it as one of its hot toys for the 2011 Christmas season.

Monster High Dolls

Unless you are a girl under the age of 14, you might not know about the Monster High line of dolls. Think of these funky dolls as the anti-Barbie. With names like Cleo De Nile, Draculaura, and Ghoulia, the names alone give you warning that you are not treading in pink and white territory. The dolls have the same shape as Barbie, though a toned-down version, and feature unusual hair colors, like blue or black hair with red streaks. The pale skin and dark clothes are the perfect gift for any girl that thinks the world revolves around Twilight. Toys R Us has a “Fearleading” set that comes with three dolls, clothing, and accessories.

Paper Jamz Pro Mic

Every little girl dreams of being a rock star and the Paper Jamz Pro Mic lets her inner rock goddess loose every day. The basic kit only comes with two songs, but she can download as many songs as she wants from the internet. The attached microphone lets her sing along with the songs, or bring in friends for a duet. The microphone gives her the chance to try out different sound effects and make her voice sound like her favorite singers.

Rock Star Mickey

Who wouldn’t love their own personal Mickey Mouse busting loose with singing and dancing. The Rock Star Mickey is perfect for boys and girls. The stuffed Mickey runs on batteries. Dressed in a rock star tee-shirt and carrying his own guitar, Mickey bursts into song with the touch of a button. Watch as he swaggers across the “stage” before dropping into the splits or another of his signature moves. Whether she watches or tries her own rock star moves, she will love this hot toy.

Vtech InnoTab Tablet

The Vtech InnoTab Tablet is a must have toy for 2011. The pink and purple rubber screen are a girl’s dream and the rubber provides a comfortable grip for little hands. The device works just like an electronic reader, but is designed for smaller hands. The touchscreen lets her quickly go to her favorite application. Not only does the toy let her read books, but it also acts as a music and video player. You can even buy separate video games and applications on additional cartridges for use with the tablet.


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