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Bonita Femur Doll From Monster High - Release Date For Freaky Fusion

Updated on January 30, 2014

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the brand new Monster High character Bonita Femur. We will review the new Bonita Femur doll and tell you about the release date, price and where exactly you can get Bonita from. We will also tell you about the brand new special Monster High show which is going to be called Freaky Fusion, plus some more new Monster High dolls coming out around the same time as Bonita. If you like to be up to date with all the latest Monster High news then you are in the right place.

Monster High is currently one of the most popular lines of dolls there is. The series has been going for around five years now and it seems as popular as ever. Mattel are the company who make the dolls and they are constantly coming up with fresh new ideas for new characters to introduce to the story. Along with this they regularly bring out brand new dolls. There are literally hundreds of different Monster High dolls out there and lots of people make sure they collect them all. The latest range to be announced is a set of dolls for the TV Special Freaky Fusion. One of these dolls is going to be called Bonita Femur, so let’s take a closer look at her.

An Early Picture Of Bonita Femur

The New Bonita Femur Doll

So first of all we should mention that not a lot is known about Bonita Femur yet. Information is slowly coming out about her and as we get more information we will update our page. We can tell you though that Bonita is part Moth and part Skeleton and that she will be released as part of the Freaky Fusion line of dolls later in 2014. Mattel first applied for a Trademark for her name back in November last year and since then people have been hearing rumours of her upcoming release and now those rumours have indeed been confirmed. The picture we have at the moment is not great but we will put up a new one when we get a better one.

So as you can see the Bonita Femur doll looks very impressive. She is dressed mainly in pink but has these incredible wings that sprout out of her back, she does look very moth like. She also appears to have pink skin and quite large eyes. We expect that Monster High will preview this new doll along with some others at the New York Toy Fair which takes place late February. This is where they usually give us an idea of what is coming later in the year. After that we should have a better idea of what to expect. As for whether or not Bonita will have any kind of pet we do not know, but chances are she will. So we could maybe see some kind of moth or maybe even a little caterpillar, time will tell.

As for the Bonita Femur release date we may actually have wait till the fall till we see her widely available. Rumours are that Freaky Fusion will be hitting our screens in the fall and that is when the dolls will be released. However, we expect that it is likely that she will actually start showing up over the summer months as these release dates always seem to get moved forward when it comes to Monster High specials.

Sirena Vonboo

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More Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls

Along with the future release of Bonita Femur there are also other new dolls coming out. This is the way Mattel always bring out new characters, for instance we recently had the Frights, Camera, Action special which introduced Honey Swamp, Viperine Gorgon, Elissabat and Clawdia Wolf. So this new special will be very similar in that we get new characters introduced to the story and then new dolls released based on these characters. So who will we be seeing?

Avea Trotter - This is sure to be a massive selling doll as Avea Trotter is part Harpy part Centaur. If you know what a Centaur is you will know that she has the body of a horse! This makes her doll look really impressive and we are sure she is going to be hugely popular on release. As for a pet we thought it could be a small horse.

Sirena Von Boo - Another interesting concept, Sirena Von Boo is part Ghost part Mermaid. She looks very ghostly in appearance but instead of having legs she has a Mermaid tale. She has long flowing purple hair and again looks like being a really good addition to the Monster High dolls. As for a pet for Sirena it is likely to be some kind of sea creature, a sea horse would be a good one.

Neighthan Rot - This character is still only a rumour and has not yet been confirmed, we don’t know anything about this one but will update our page as soon as we learn more.

Along with the three and possibly four new characters there will also be new dolls released based on classic characters. At the moment not much is known about the storyline from Freaky Fusion but we are speculating that somehow the Monster High ghouls manage to fuse themselves together with some very interesting results. There are more rumours that we will see dolls called Lagoonafire (who will be a cross between Lagoona and Jinafire Long), Clawvenus (a cross between Clawdeen Wolf and Venus), Dracubecca ( a cross of Draculaura and Robecca Steam) and also Cleolei (Cleo De Nile and Toreli Stripe). These could be a really interesting prospect if they do get made into dolls.

There is also talk of a special Freaky Fusion castle play set being released. We have seen a picture of this and it looks really impressive as it is around 3 feet tall. So there is plenty of scope for paying with your MH dolls and plenty of room to display your dolls.

Again when it comes to a release date these are all pencilled in for Fall 2014 but as we said earlier do not be at all surprised if these start showing up over the summer months. One thing we can say with confidence is that when the Freaky Fusion Monster High special does come out it will be very popular and as always fans of the show will be very excited about the prospect of brand new dolls to get their hands on.


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