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Top New Nintendo DS Games For Christmas: The Best DS Games Out In 2010

Updated on July 19, 2010

For gamers looking for the hottest new Nintendo DS games, Christmas is like... well, it is like Christmas. The very best Nintendo DS games are almost always released around the holiday season. As all these highly anticipated DS games are released, the staggering Nintendo DS game library will only grow.

With one of the largest and most diverse stables of games, it can be difficult for consumers to figure out what the best DS games are when Christmas shopping. Whether you are buying for yourself or others, this list can help you find the top Nintendo DS games for Christmas 2010. RPG, action, and other great games are all new on the DS this year so check it out.

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Dragon Quest IX Image
Dragon Quest IX Image

Dragon Quest IX

The venerable roleplaying series once again changes systems.  It is traditional for Square-Enix's flagship title to appear on the best selling system of the generation.  Surprisingly, it turns out that the DS has outsold every other console out there, including the Wii.  In keeping with the series' traditions, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies marks the first real sequel to the Dragon Quest series to appear on a portable.

Not much has changed, however.  The classic DQ gameplay is still intact.  Players will hack, slash, and loot their way through 80-odd hours worth of gameplay. This time, there is a new emphasis on online play.  DQIX players can use the local internet connection capabilities of the DS to find and battles other DQIX players and even experience unique quests.

For RPG fans, this will be the hot game to get on the Nintendo DS for Christmas.

Professor Layton 3
Professor Layton 3

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

The gentleman professor-slash-detective, Professor Layton, returns for his third Nintendo DS outing.  Mixing beautiful French-style animation with deviously but addicting puzzles, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is an amazing game new Nintendo DS game for 2010.

Like the previous games, players will explore mysterious locales and encounter strange locals while gathering clues to solve a mystery.  Some of these clues require classic deductive reasoning like would be seen in a more traditional adventure game, but many of the puzzles are math problems or logic tests as well.

Both kids and adults can appreciate the complexity of the puzzles which are always a challenge but rarely so hard as to be impossible.  Owners of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will receive a special code which will open up more content after they purchase Unwound Future.

For anyone who love brain teasers or a charming story, Professor Layton will be one of the best Nintendo DS games in 2010.

Lego Harry Potter for the Nintendo DS
Lego Harry Potter for the Nintendo DS

Lego Harry Potter

It seems like the draw of LEGO Harry Potter speaks for itself. Harry Potter is one of the most beloved characters in books and movies and the LEGO series of video games have been huge successes with young audiences. Players control LEGO-ized versions of their favorite wizards and witches in this family-friendly Nintendo DS game.

Featuring classic platforming gameplay with a magical touch, LEGO Harry Potter joins Star Wars, Batman, and the Indiana Jones franchises as one of the many popular series to become LEGO video games. Both young and old will delight in joining Harry and his colorful cast of wizarding misfits as they visit the locales featured in the first four Harry Potter books.

Be sure to check out the PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii versions as well if you're interested.

New Pokemon Games in 2010

2010 was a banner year for Pokemon on the Nintendo DS.  Three quality Pokemon titles were released to the console for fans of this now classic monster fighting game.  First, the latest additions to the main series, Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver were released.  Featuring dozens of new monsters, new lands to explore, and a whole new adventure, these games were instant hits.

Like most Pokemon games, players can trade monsters with other players.  The Gold and Silver versions each have their own unique Pokemon which only that version has available.  If you're buying for more than one person, consider purchasing one of each so they can play together and share all of the available monsters.

But that wasn't the end of Pokemon games in 2010.  Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs is a spin-off of the main Pokemon series.  Players will take control of a forest ranger, gather Pokemon, and battle off poachers and other bad guys.  In the Pokemon Ranger series, players can make extensive use of the Nintendo DS's touch screen to capture and summon their Pokemon friends.

Crafting Mama

Mama comes out of the kitchen and shows her craftier side in this latest game from Majesco.  Crafting Mama is chock full of thrilling mini-games that has gamers knit, sew, fold, mold, and bake up a storm.

A great game for girls, boy, adults, and kids, Crafting Mama is wholesome fun that's great for any audience.  Fans of quick, casual games that test the mind and hand eye coordination should definitely check out this sequel.

And, hey, if you missed the original Cooking Mama series, give that a look too.

Puzzle Quest 2

Finally, there's Puzzle Quest 2.  For those who like puzzle games, you can't do much better than this newest Nintendo DS game.  Part RPG, part Bejeweled, players fight enemies around the world by matching gems and gaining mana to cast magic spells.

The original was one of the most addicting puzzle games for the DS and the newest one looks to only improve on what was lacking from the first entry.  Gamers can now play online, take advantage of a new character customization skill, and experience multiple endings.  Both puzzle and RPG fans will be enamored with this fantasy epic.

If you're looking for other new games in 2010, here are some great gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season.  Xbox, Wii, PS3, and brand new consoles are all great compliments to Nintendo DS games.


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