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Buying The Best Toy Sewing Machine

Updated on April 16, 2011
Buy a toy sewing machine
Buy a toy sewing machine

Where To Buy A Toy Sewing Machine

A toy sewing machine is the perfect toy for a child who is interested in learning how to sew and how to create their own costumes. There are many different types of machines to choose from. Here are a few great examples of what is available to buy online from Amazon today.

Barbie Toy Sewing Machine

If you have a daughter who is a big fan of Barbie dolls and has lots of Barbie accessories, you may like to add an extra feature to the playroom. This beautiful Barbie sewing machine is just like the real thing only in miniature.

This toy sewing machine mainly consists of a hard wearing plastic that has been shaped and molded into a small machine. It has been decorated with butterflies and flowers that can be found on both sides of this functional toy.

It is lightweight and portable so it is easy to move from one room to another. If your child wants to play happily on their own in their room, they can set up this machine on their desk. Otherwise you can place it on a table in the kitchen so that your daughter can play contently where you can keep an eye on her just in case she needs your assistance.

This sewing machine has lots of the features that are found on a regular sized sewing machine which means that simple little sewing tasks can be achieved. 

There is an electronic foot control that will feed the fabric through machine and the pre-threaded needle means that straight stitched lines or zig zag stitching are easy to carry out as well as reverse stitching.  Alternatively you can simply use the small button and this will do the same job.

This is the perfect first sewing machine for any budding seamstress in your home.

Alex Fun Sew toy sewing machine
Alex Fun Sew toy sewing machine

Alex Toys Sew Fun Toy Sewing Machine

If you are looking for an all inclusive toy sewing machine that will teach your little one everything they need to know about creating little sewing projects then this machine from Alex Toys could be the perfect solution.

Everything that is needed to make sewing a fun and educational experience is included in this package. The sewing machine comes with its own storage case.  This makes it easy to maintain and there is less chance of losing the little bits and pieces that are included.

This can operate as a manual sewing machine or you can use the battery operated feature.  This portable sewing machine can also be operated by attaching the AC adapter that is also included in the price.

The great advantage of this sewing kit is that you also get two yards of fabric and ribbon so you can get your child started on a sewing project as soon as they receive this gift.

Sewing Kits For Kids For Sale


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