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Pink Nintendo DS Lite - Pink Computer Console For Girls

Updated on December 5, 2010
Pink Nintendo DS Lite
Pink Nintendo DS Lite

Buying The Perfect Nintendo DS Lite

If you are looking for a great gift idea for a little girl who loves all things pink, you may like to consider purchasing a pink Nintendo DS Lite computer game console. There are lots of benefits to this particular model and any little girl or indeed woman who has a great passion for the colour pink will absolutely love this.

The advantage of this little pink computer is that it has a much slimmer body. It is less than two thirds the size of the original Nintendo game console. As it is smaller, it is also lighter. This model is actually over 20% lighter that the traditional Nintendo DS. This will make it perfect for little girls with little hands as it will not feel cumbersome at all.

This particular model has a very bright LCD screen so all the colours stand out really well which will of course improve your enjoyment of each and every game that is played.

The lower monitor has been enabled with touch screen technology so all the 3D graphic are brought to life at the touch of your fingers.

The overall controls of this game have not only been streamlined but they have also improved along the way. The advancement in technology means that everything has been done to make game play fun.

Once you have charged up the battery, this game will give up to 19 hours of continuous game play. This is absolutely fantastic if you know that you have a long journey planned. Children will be completely absorbed for hours on end.

The great thing about owning a DS Lite is that you can also use the additional port to plug in the Game Boy Advance game packs.

Pink Nintendo case and accessories
Pink Nintendo case and accessories

Pink Nintendo Accessories

Once you have purchased the DS Lite you may like to think about buying the additional items that will complete the whole gaming experience.

Nintendo DS Lite 20-In-1 Starter Kit

This particular starter kit is called the Icon Starter Pack and contains everything that will improve your overall enjoyment of the game. The package includes the following items:

  • A soft protective pink Nintendo case with
  • 4 screen protectors to protect the DS Lite screens
  • Headphones so that you can listen to the high quality sound
  • An audio splitter so that you can share your listening experience with a friend
  • 3 finger tip stylus
  • A car adaptor so you can power up the Nintendo while travelling
  • A docking station to sit your Nintendo in pride of place.


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      nunu 7 years ago

      im geting me on

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      jasmine♥♥♥♥♥ 7 years ago

      i love DS specially if pink!?