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Vampire counts faq October 2012 warhammer 8th edition

Updated on October 20, 2012


The release of the vampire count faq sees a few small points made clear. Some such as the changes to ghostly howl/death shriek and the mortis engine are a definite bonus, most clear up grey areas of the rules, one makes the coven throne less effective.

One commonly asked faq missing is the issue with characters healing other characters wounds with the lore attribute curse of undeath.


The ability to use a tomb banshee's ghostly howl or terrorgheist death shriek into combat is certainly a faq that enhances these models even further. It gives you the option to tie up a unit with zombies and then shriek into the combat leaving you safe from the enemy.

The mortis engines regeneration stacking is another boon to the vampire counts allowing you to easily give large parts of your army a decent regeneration save (up to 4+)

The doubling up of hex spells cast by the cursed book and a wizard with the spell (and potentially tripling up with a wizard with lore master). It also sets a precedence for hex spells having cumulative effects so is potentially the most wide ranging faq.


Blood knights nightmares not benefiting from frenzy was one that was coming and is likely to carry over to other units in other armies as and when, still blood knights remain a powerful unit.

The changes to the coven thrones battle of wills rule that only reduce the enemies weapon skill/bow skill to a minimum of one is a minor blow as it would have before rendered units that fail fear tests unable to attack and automatically be hit.

Does the vampire counts faq make them even more powerful?

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