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WalkThrough For Aurum Blade Part 4

Updated on October 25, 2011

Although we beat the boss in last chapter, but we still have not got Marduk, so the next Quest is still

Quest 1: Marduk's Conspiracy

We need to chase Marduk to 13th floor.

Direction: Start at Gold Workroom 5, we then go S-W-S-S-Way to the Quarry 3, the way to upstairs was blocked.

Quest 1-1:Blocked Passage

We need to investigate the dried goddess statue at the 10th floor's quarry of the dwarfs to find a new way.

Direction: go N-N-N-W-Quarry of Dwarf 3, there is a path behind a statue.

So we keep going N-N-N-N-N to Tower Reactor 1, the man makes a fire circle around himself.

Quest 1-2 Flame Control Device

We need Extinguish a fire by operating the fire control device

Direction:W-N-Reactor Control Room, there has for switches and we need to use the blue one to shut off the fire of Gordon, if we choose the wrong switch, we will be transfer to somewhere else. But when we go back to Gordon, we find out that he has already left.

And when we go upstairs, we finished the Quest of Marduk's Conspiracy also.

Quest 2 Fire Blade Dungeon

1/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 15 Ogres

2/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 15 Lunatic Ogres

3/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 15 Ogre Destroyers

4/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 15 Ogre Lords

5/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 15 Elder Ogres

6/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 15 Warlock Ogres

7/7 Trial of the Fire blade is to kill 5 Fire Guardians

Now we can summon the Fire Guardian

Quest 3: Unquenchable Furnace

After we get the fire guardian, we go on our trip chasing Marduck at the 14th floor's inextinguishable blast furnace.

Direction: Start at Inextinguishable blast furnace 1, we go S-E-E-N-Inextinguishable Blast Furnace 6, in this scene we catch up with the Marduk, and they are doing some kind of forums.

Quest 4: Marduk's Interference

We need to kill 3 fire showers Marduk summoned.

These three fire showers can deal great distance damages, so do not let three of them attack us at the same time, and it will be a easy fight.

And now we finished the Aurum Blade WalkThrough part 4


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