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WalkThrough for Aurum Blade Part 2

Updated on October 25, 2011

After finished the first part of the Aurum Blade by completing the Stone Blade Dungeon.

We now receive the the following quest.

Quest 1: Chasing Marduk

Find Marduk's trail on the 3rd floor.

Direction: We find out that the portal we use last time is still remaining, go through it to Place of Power 4(2nd Floor), and then go N-N-W TO Place of Record 3 where we find a strange stone.

Quest 2: A suspicious stone

Go inside the stone and investigate

Direction: knock down the stone and go N to the Place of Record 4, in this scene we can find a book with a question mark.

Quest 3: Guardian

Read the book and there comes a large Guardian Thriller, kill him.

The boss can hurt us a lot, but fortunately we have the stone guardian to help us, let Thriller focus on our guardian, and we attack him from back. This will end the fight easily.

Quest 4: Doubt the Tower

The Thriller make us to doubt the Tower, now we need to investigate Celty's trail inside the Philosopher's Tower.

Direction: go W-S-E TO Miniature Garden 2, there we find the goblin Kremlin to finish the quest.

Quest 5: Wooden Forester

We need to kill the Wooden Forester in the same scene, it is not as strong as Thriller, we can defeat it easily.

Then we give the Crystal Pocket it dropped to Kremlin to finish the Quest.

Quest 6: Chasing Marduk

We need to go further to chase the Marduk

Direction: go N-N-N-W TO Forest of Life 3, there somebody called Orden laughed at us and went away.

Quest 7: Framing Forest

Now we need to defeat the wooden Destructor to save the forest

Direction: go W-N TO Source of Life, the Wooden Destructor is right in the middle of the scene. This boss fight need some skills, we can only deal damage to the boss in a short period after it attacked us.

The Wooden Destructor has three skills:

1. A lighting towards to us, just go away from the boss.

2. The drills around him.

3. A poison ring towards us.

When the Boss's Hp is blow 30%, it will use the skill twice.

So just be patient to kill it.

Quest 8: Evidence

To show the people we have defeated the Wooden Destructor, we need to bring the pink handkerchief to Simon in the Library of the village.

So we just use the Portal to him.

Thus, we finished the Part 2 of the Aurum Blade, and I need to sleep now. We will start the game with the Iron blade Dungeon tomorrow.


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      @howardhe Thanks I finally found it. I always thought it was on the third floor because that was where the blue arrow was at on the map.

    • profile image

      howardhe 5 years ago from USA

      @T It has been a long time, just read the details of the quest, and search the whole floor for the Flower, I remember it took me a quite long time searching for it.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      How do you obtain the rare flower "Lalania"?