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WalkThrough for Arel Wars of Gamevil 02

Updated on December 21, 2011

Now let us go on with the Arel Wars from the Stage 11

Stage 11: Road to Lydia

This time we are facing the new enemies of Elves, the Witches will block our way, defeat them and go further. Witch has a pretty high Attack Power and Movement, and they will attack us from the sky, so use the hunter to fight back.

Stage 12: Surrounding Enemies

This time the Enemies will have an army to fight with us, we also need to expand our slots to hire more soldiers to fight back. This stage the amount of the enemies will increase a lot, we need to upgrade our soldier in order to win the fight.

Stage 13: Reclaim Lydia

In this stage, the elves will have an Hero level soldier which named Lantere, it has a very high health point, and also with the Lantere, there will be the Scout, Phalanx, Arbalest and the witches, the point of this stage is to upgrade our mana as soon as possible, otherwise our summon speed will not catch the appearance speed of the enemies.

Stage 14: Evacuate the Palace

The enemies will have four kind of soldiers which is exactly the same like ours, there will be Rider, Hunter, Thief and Panzer, so we should figure out the stratedy to defeat them. The system's tip is to use panzer to deal with their rider and use our riders to attack their hunters.

Stage 15: To the Free Trade Harbor

This time the enemies are all with a pretty high movement, so be aware of their sudden arrival at our tower. Remember to keep both route with our soldiers. I like to use the Artillery behind our panzers to give the enemies a great damage.

Stage 16: Persistent Pursuers

This time the enemies will have a lot of thieves, they can steal mana from us, so we should also use our thieves to fight back. This stage's bonus is to keep our hero alive all the stage. If you don't want to take the risk ,we can just keep our hero in the tower like I did. The bonus is the Medic, it can heal our soldiers, it's quite useful.

Stage 17: Hindsight

Now we can use our Medics to keep the Panzers alive for more time, but in this stage the enemy will have a Lv4 Artillery, so we need to attack them quickly otherwise they will destroy our army. To get the stage bonus which we can not lose over 10 units in the fight, we need to only summon 3 kind of soldiers which are Panzer, Medic and Artillery. The key point is to upgrade the mana first in order to summon the Medics, as we get enough Artilleries the enemies army will not block us any more.

Stage 18: Defend the Free Trade Harbor

This time the enemies will have the Medics too, so we should summon more Artilleries to give them a field attack and stun the Medics. This Bonus is quite hard to get, since we need to keep the enemies away from the tower. So we need to summon as many soldiers as possible to push the enemies backwards. But since the enemy has the Riders, this will be quite difficult in the beginning of the fight, so let the hero go help.

Stage 19: The Mysterious Elven

In this stage the enemies will be the Swordmaster and Triali, they both have very high Health Point, we need to use the Artilleries to attack them.So in order to defeat the enemies, we need to upgrade our mana ASAP, so the thieves will help us alot to gain the mana quickly. Upgrade the Medics before the fight, it will help our thieve to survive longer, which means less cost of the mana and more gain of the mana.

Stage 20: Purpose of the Elven

This time the Elves will have a strong unit callede Caster, it has a long attack rang which let them attack our medics and Artilleries easily, be sure to protect them. We can use the Gliders to attack the Caster form the sky, and they are quite helpful to get the stage bonus which need us to defeat the enemie's tower in 3 minutes.


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    • profile image

      someone 6 years ago

      Stage 15: To the Free Trade Harbor:

      this stage can be won under 1.5 min for easy rewards

      1 send one cavalry (down)

      2 send one cavalry and hero (up)

      this works wonders often win in less then 1min