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WalkThrough for Arel Wars of Gamevil 03

Updated on December 21, 2011

Stage 21: Meeting with Juno

This stage will be the boss fight, we are directly facing the Juno, their army has swordmaster, Triali, Caster, Witch and the Scout. So we are facing the enemies from 2 routes and the sky. I use the Panzer,Hunter,Artillery, Medic,Thief and Shield to make our army, to fight back the Boss.

Stage 22: Meaningless War

This time the Elve will have the Siege Golem which has a almost 10800 health point, it is a tough defender which we should use lots of our soldiers together to attack it. Use the Artillery to attack them and try to defeat it. This time to get a stage bonus we need to defend our tower perfectly, we should summon our soldiers to keep them away from the tower.

Stage 23: Strange Busters

Now we need to face the new enemy, the army is contained by Rhino Salamander, Werewolf, Big Hippo, Harpy , Foxbow and Goblin. It is a quite strong team, try upgrade our soldiers to be ready for the fight.

Stage 24: Rencounter

We are now facing the Orc Boss now, but its army has onlu Werewolf and Short hair. The boss can heal itself, we should use other soldiers to fight with our hero together against the Orc Boss. We should keep an eye on our hero, do not let him be defeated by the enemies.

Stage 25: Proxy Lab

Again we are facing a mix race army with the boss, I will still use the same soldiers to fight against them. To get the bonus, we need to keep our tower away from any attack, so we should upgrade our mana as many as possible, and summon every unit we can. The enemies will have Cyclops which will throw giant rock towards us. us Artilleries and Bomber to attack them.

Stage 26: Remnants Subjugation

This time there will be a lot of Salamanders and Rhinos to attack us. They both have high Health Points. But it will be easy to defeat them. In order to not lose over 10 units in the battle, we should use shield to be in the front and let the medics be behind to support them. The other units should be the Bomber and Artillery, summon them as soon as they cool down. Especially the Bombers, since it is over the sky, the enemies can not deal any damage to it.

Stage 27: Agger Again

The enemies will be in the same combination of the army as us. They will have the shield, artillery, hunter and Glide. They are fast and can attack us from the sky. Use our bomber to attack them.The Glides are quite annoying, we can use Interceptor to kill them quickly, but do not summon too many of them, because they cannot attack the ground.

Stage 28: The Conspiring Proxies

There will again be a combine race army against us. Three cards of the Gliders, that is quite tough, summon more hunters and Interceptors to defeat them. I have not find a way to finish the stage in 4 minutes, maybe if I upgrade my units higher later it would be helpful, if you know the way to get the bonus, please let me know, and I will be thankful to write it here.

Stage 29: Defeat Proxies

Sailing to the new Island, and new strong enemies, the Infantry officer which has a very very high Health Points. This stage is also tough, I tried my best to defeat it with lots of the Bombers and Artilleries, but still it took mu nearly 5 minutes, I tried 3 times, but still can not get the bonus.

Stage 30: Allying with Juno

We are facing the hunters and bombers, we should use the interceptors to defeat the bombers, and try to use the shields to block the hunters. To get the bonus, we should defend our tower over 6 minutes, just use the basic units to keep our tower safe until 6 minutes.


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    • profile image

      Kate 5 years ago

      24:March for Elven

      Main attacker-Casters and Witches

      Use lots of them to win the round :)

      (Use heavy defense like golem sometimes just to buy some time before the enemy start closing in )

    • profile image

      Junoooooo 5 years ago

      On the elven race the part lvl 24 is very very very hard!!!!! It's not funny anymore!!! :((((

    • profile image

      Thebomb 5 years ago

      How do you beat level 24"march" with juno the gun calvery and sheilder rush me at the start of the game and nothing is good agaist those two enemys!

    • profile image

      cash 5 years ago

      Proxies: Four unit of archers lvl 3 or 4 and two cal.units lvv 4 or higher. use hero to gain quick mana(Bottom) to spam Cal units(Top) after deploying a few archers and before Rhino comes out.XD

    • profile image

      XXX 5 years ago

      Use Infantry Officer and Medic to defend the ground

    • profile image

      XXX 5 years ago

      For Defeat Proxies, focus on all air units and upgrade mana to get the bonus.