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WalkThrough for Arel Wars of Gamevil 04

Updated on December 21, 2011

Stage 31: Unveiled Secret

Like the former stage, the enemies have a lot fast and high attack units, but this time they will have the interceptor to fight our flying units, so I put the Battleship into my slot to fight them. To get the bonus we need to keep our tower safe, it is not difficult, but we should summon our units as early as possible, otherwise the enemies interceptor will rush towards our tower.

Stage 32: To Free Gear

This time the enemies will use the infantry officer lead their army, so we should upgrade our units' attack power to defeat them, remember use the artilleries to give them high damage. In order to defeat the enemies in 5 minutes, we need to use our hero properly, equip the hero with as many as the attack skills, and use them to clean the enemies whenever the skills cool down.

Stage 33: Defeat the Guards

The guards have three cards of the gun calvary, they may deal a lot of damages to our army. Try to summon more bombers, so we can control the air, that may lead us to the victory sooner. The bonus is to defend our tower perfectly, in this stage is not hard to achieve it, just summon as many units as we can, we can push the enemies back step by step.

Stage 34: Aerial Attack

This time the enemies will be all the sky units, they will be fast and tough to fight. we also should summon all our aerial units to fight back. This bonus will be quite hard to achieve if you do not have enough aerial units cards, because our units' number will not beat them at all, I can only defeat them when I summon the battleships. So hope you guys can keep as many aerial units as possible.

Stage 35: Showdown

Another Boss Fight now, their army will be Battleship,cavalry,hunter,thief,medic,shielder,bomber and interceptor. They are quite all-around, so we need be careful to deal this fight. Use the hero to reduce all the enemies health point, and summon more soldiers to push the enemies away from our tower, this is the only way we can protect our tower and get the bonus of 100 cash.

Stage 36: To the Forgotten Isle

Brand new enemies with new units. But they are not tougher than the others, so this fight is also not very difficult. It is hard to protect our tower perfectly, the enemies has the ability to push our army backwards, so if we cannot defeat them in a short time, we will be cornered under our tower in the beginning.

Stage 37: Ambusher in the Ice Land

Another mix race army, but they have the Behemoth which has a terrible attack power of 1300 and over 10000 health point, itself can face almost our entire army. The behemoth is so strong and it can push back our units a long distance, we need to summon many artilleries in order to kill them, but before our artillery come to an certain amount, we can not attack them back, so I have no idea how to get the bonus of this stage right now.

Stage 38: Through a Shower of Arrows

We are facing the behemoth again, and also their army will have a sagi card, it has a pretty high attack power. It took me over 10 minutes to clear the stage, the enemies are so tough, my hero even cannot be close to the enemies, they will kill my hero in seconds. The Sagi has a quite long attack range, it can deal great damage to our aerial units, especially the bombers.

Stage 39: Real Elite

This time the enemies will have a all max level army which all have a high movement, we need to summon strong soldiers early to keep them away from the tower.Remember to equip the Panzers in the slot,since we will only have 10 mana in the beginning of the fight.


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    • profile image

      BekaS1974 4 years ago

    • profile image

      Alexandr 4 years ago

    • profile image

      sonny 5 years ago

      I use the shaman to stop the behemoth's movement, when the shaman control behemoth, attack them with all you got, it does work for me..

      the problem is level 32 is so unbeatable. help me

    • profile image

      Burstfire 5 years ago

      Can someone help with level 31 for busters with all the behemoths?

    • profile image

      shark1111 5 years ago

      Juno and Archmage of Elven is builded sexyly =)) nothing but a bikini=)) And anyone wonder that why Vincent always wear a flag on his back? What does that flag mean?

    • profile image

      banhmihung 5 years ago

      Nvm my previous post :3, I figured out how to beat it.

      Will comment here if anyone needs to know still.

    • profile image

      banhmihung 5 years ago

      Stage 31 - Buster/Helba (Level 26)

      3 level 1 Behemoths

      Had anyone beaten it?

    • profile image

      Vans45 5 years ago

      busters level 31 is hard does anyone know how to beat it

    • profile image

      Thebomb 5 years ago

      Im stuck on level 26 for juno they rush you so easilly at the beginning of the round!

      My units slots 8







      Horse rider


      Please help!

    • profile image

      RoHo 5 years ago

      Stage 40 for Juno - Here's my setup and what I did [a little luck is involved, but I could beat it again if need be]:

      Also, complete the other stages perfectly to get the reward, because once you beat this stage, you can't go back. I missed out on a few hundred cash for not knowing to complete them before beating the game =[

      7 unit slots:

      Lvl 2 Bishop [~5 ish per lane, if you're dying more, then put more bishops on the lane!]

      Lvl 3 Wyvern Rider [make them later after Battleships are more or less cleared]

      Lvl 4 Sagi [both lanes, but put more of them in the pushing lane since they'll kill behemoth the fastest]

      Lvl 4 Templar [they just take hits in the pushing lane, don't put as many in the stalling lane]

      Lvl 4 Golem [more in stalling lane than pushing lane, but get at least 4 or so in pushing lane]

      Lvl 4 Caster [both lanes, they kill Sagi and stuff from long range]

      Lvl 4 Triali [both lanes, in enough numbers, they can stall behemoth with knock back]

      3 skill slots:

      Lvl 1 Armageddon [Meteor attack + Permanent Mana Regen]

      Lvl 2 Recharge [Inc Mana Regen]

      Lvl 1 Convert Spirit [MP -} HP]

      Passive skills:

      3 Hp Up

      2 Defend Tower

      Max Multishot

      4 Mana Wall

      Max Vampire

      Max Temptation [the deciding factor in beating behemoths]

      1 Dispatch

      1 Mana Gain



      What to do:

      As soon as the round starts, cast Recharge, then leave the tower quickly use Convert Spirit. If you're on the same road as the 1st behemoth, fire one shot and right before he hits you [and OHKOs you], use Armageddon [screen will pause with the animation, but mana regen and cooldown on units will still be active]. As soon as Armageddon is done, mash the return to base button so you don't die.

      The behemoth will be coming, on that lane, cast first Golem and then Triali, also leave base with the Golem and Triali [head towards the behemoth]. Your luck depends on how long it takes to change the behemoth to your side.

      Oh the other road, there'll probably be a Sagi. I just sent a Templar to distract her.

      From here on out keep making Bishops to heal [around 5 per lane should be okay], make Sagi's to deal damage and kill the Battleships [get a Sagi out early!!!] on the lane that you're pushing on. The other lane is mostly a stall lane [but I managed to push it back as well].

      Put Casters on both lanes. The more Sagi they have in one lane, the more Casters you put on that lane. Put more Golems on the stall lane; and more Templars on the pushing lane. Put many Triali's in both lanes [in high numbers with Wyvern Riders they can push back the behemoths w/o them touching you].

      MOST IMPORTANT THING! Try to keep Juno alive! If she gets too close to the front and melee units are not in front of her, call her back to the tower ASAP! I lost Juno maybe two or three times, but still managed to win, so it's not the end of the world if she dies [but don't let her die early]. Whenever you see a behemoth come out, pull Juno home and put her on the lane that the behemoth is on!! THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT! Juno with Maxed out Temptation is the only thing we can use to "counter" the behemoth. And it seems like it's got pretty good success with targeting mostly the behemoth vs other enemy units. That behemoth will help push the lane forward. If another comes out, pull Juno back again, and put her on the respective lane to steal him. That's pretty much it! Good luck!

      Stage 39 -

      @Iw - Oh and thanks for the tips on how to beat Stage 39. I never would've figured it out!

      For those who need help, I used the 3 skills up above, and 1 Meteor [L] item [costs 1600 gold], right as I was about to die. It kills all the units on the map since they all have less than 4000 HP, which lets you call out 2 golems before they can come back to kill you.

    • profile image

      andy 5 years ago

      For stage 37 I had Shielders and Infantry Officers in 2 of my my slots and Shielders were lvl 5 and Infantry Officers were lvl 4. I got the bonus by stalling the Behemoth with 2 Cavalry slots (lvl 6) and Vincent. Using Vincent's skills freeze all other units, so I used them as an advantage to upgrade my mana.I put all the shielders and some cavalry on one line with Behemoth while I rushed every other unit on the other. Block a line with heavy units while pushing with the rest seems like the best way to get the bonus. Make sure to use plenty of units that push back/stall the enemy and use Vincent's skills to stall for mana regeneration.

    • profile image

      Faust 5 years ago

      Is there any help for stage 40?

    • profile image

      Seisetsu 5 years ago

      Yeah I'm wondering the same thing

    • profile image

      Ninx 5 years ago

      @noel, try selecting "menu", then "units" then upgrade :p

      Thanks for the info.. Just wonderin how do u get through stage 40 without them touching your tower?:/

    • profile image

      noel 5 years ago

      how do i combine / upgrade units?

      i am going bald soon

    • profile image

      e20 5 years ago

      how do i get the artillery, shaman or battleship?

      im stuck on stage 40 and i cant get passed there behemoth.