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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 2

Updated on July 22, 2011

Welcome back to Walkthrough. Last time we left Chuck Greene, he was framed for the Outbreak and the first lead to his innocence has been completely shattered. But it is still not enough to make Chuck throw in the towel. Here we are with Case 2.

7:00 PM. Be in the Security Room of the Safe House at this time to start the case. He and Stacey are talking about Katey when something appears on the monitor. People are in the Maintenance Tunnels and looks to be the only lead he has.

Case 2-2. The entrance you're looking for is on the other side of the city in the Palisades Mall on the eastern side. It's quite a walk especially if this is your first playthrough as you got no speed bonuses. If you have empty inventory spaces, fill them with what you need and head to the Maintenance Tunnel Entrance.

When you arrive, Chuck witnesses a bunch of mercs loading equipment onto a freight train. As they're loading up, Tyrone King walks out of the train. The man who hosts the reality TV show that Chuck was on, orders them to start loading. Accidentally knocking a stick over, Chuck reveals himself and TK wants him taken care of.

There are three mercs in this warehouse. Hiding behind some cover may make a merc close the distance with you, which is good as their assault rifles won't be as effective as you trying to close the gap. Basic strategy, keep hitting them until they're dead. Now you will have to get in their line of fire at times, but their guns don't do much damage. Sometimes find cover and have food to keep topped off.

When the three mercs are dealt with, TK tries to escape on the train. Chuck needs something to catch him and the universe delivers with a merc on a motorcycle. Knocking the merc off and getting the motorcycle, you get to put all that you've learned about riding motorcycles to the test. This is the most annoying part of any case in my opinion.

Following the train isn't difficult. The objective is to jump onto the back of the train. You need to get the speed and a ramp next to the train to do this. The mercs throw stuff off the train and shoot at you as well as the zombies standing there. Hitting zombies or getting hit will slow you down. Keep notice of what side the train is on for the ramp jumps and while in the air, you can still steer which is necessary. If you get enough speed and drive up the ramp, you can jump up onto the train.

When you land, you have to walk down the train while fighting 4-5 mercs. You need to open the door at the front end of the train. You'll get a cutscene that brings this case to a close. TK escapes, but you know it was he who framed you. Stacey calls to remind you Katey will need another dose of Zombrex soon.

Speaking of which. Once you have control again, turn the camera to your right. Get into the cart and start by turning left down the tunnel. Keep following the north wall until you get onto a platform via a ramp. Here is another free dose of Zombrex. Take the nearby ladder up to the Silver Strip and you're done with this case.

That's all for now. As you can guess, next time will be Case 3.


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