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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 3

Updated on July 22, 2011

Welcome back to the Dead Rising 2 Edition of Walkthrough. Chuck has had a hard day, being framed for the Outbreak, keeping his daughter from turning into a zombie, having one lead to his innocence slip away and then another lead goes just as easily, not to mention fighting psychopaths and rescuing survivors on top of all of this. Though Day One is winding down, it is far from over.

Day 2, 10:00 AM.This case starts when you arrive in the Security Room of the Safe House at this time. Chuck informs that TK is one who framed them, but this raises more questions than answers. However the monitors reveal mercs are breaking into the vaults of the casinos. It is time to stop TK's plans.

Case 2-2. Vaults are being broken in at the Americana, Slot Ranch and Yucatan Casinos. Head to the Americana as it is the closest. The mercs will give away their positions as they try to shoot you. Take care of them as you did in Case 2. Once all the mercs are dead, now deal with the Power Drill they're using on the vault. Pick up the Sledge Hammer nearby and wail on it until it is destroyed. Stacey will call you on the transceiver after every destroyed drill, so be ready for it.

If you haven't gotten the free Zombrex in the Americana, do so now. Get to the 2nd floor of the BBQ Shack, turn right up the stairs and jump on the ledge to the left of the big grill. When you're standing there, you will see that the lights are square platforms, you need to hop from one to the next all the way to the other side(this may take some practice). On the other side is about 1'100 dollars, a broadsword, a stuffed animal, a Bargaining Magazine(10% Discount on Pawnshops), and the free Zombrex.

The procedure is the same for the other two casinos, kill the mercs, destroy the power drill with nearby tools(hammers,crowbars,etc.). You should be in the Yucatan Casino if you follow the logical order. Stacey will call saying the Atlantica Casino's vault is being broken into and the message, "Heist at the Atlantica" appears on your message list.

This time, however, they are breaking in from the outside in Fortune Park. There are 6-7 mercs here guarding an Armored Van. This is a fun part using the SUV, but if you don't have it yet, just rely on your weapons and hide to eat/drink food when needed. While you're destroying the Armored Van, be careful about nearby zombies.

When the Armored Van is destroyed, this case is closed. Chuck pulls Rebecca away from the exploding van in time and she is ready to reveal her source. Meanwhile, TK isn't the least bit happy that his plans have been foiled and returns to hiding.

That's case 3, ladies and gentlemen. Case 4 is next time.


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