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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 5

Updated on July 22, 2011

Welcome back to Walkthrough, I'm your guide through the world of Dead Rising 2, Slices of Life. On this issue of Walkthrough, Chuck has been through a lot so far. Leads followed only to vanish in smoke, questions without answers, foiling vault heists, and delivering comeuppance to some annoying characters. But now to catch the head of the snake, we're going after TK himself.

Day 3, 7:00 PM. You need to be on the Safe House Roof at this time to start this case. To get to the roof from where you enter the Safe House, go up the stairs as you normally would, turn left and follow the hall to the end, going to the staircase leading up. The elevator is at the end, press the elevator call button, go inside and press the button to get to the roof.

When it begins, Chuck and Rebecca take turns looking through a pair of binoculars over the Fortune City Skyline. After some time passes, Chuck spots a helicopter landing on the roof of the Fortune City Hotel.

Case 5-2. Once you've regained control and you have empty inventory spaces with all the needed food and weapons you want, fill those spaces with nearby spotlights...I'm not kidding, you'll need them. Head back down the elevator and make your way to the Fortune City Hotel.

When you get there, four Mercs will be shooting nearby zombies while guarding the elevators. Once you've taken care of them, the elevator will ding and open up to reveal the fifth Merc. After he's dealt with, you can head up to fight TK. If you need health or healing items, there's one or two Coffee Creamers behind the Hotel's Reception Desk.

On the roof, TK barks orders to his men when he sees Chuck arrive. He decides to make a run for it. Grabbing a nearby winch, Chuck runs up and hooks it to the helicopter in time, he activates the winch and the fight begins.

The Helicopter is treated as a Psychopath. The fight starts with the helicopter brought down close by the winch. Take out those spotlights and throw them at the blades, aim a little higher to get the right spot. If you hit the body, you'll still do damage just less. You can barely get two spotlights off before it flies up.

When the Helicopter is free, it will spin in an almost full circle. You can't Dodge Roll the helicopter body itself and it takes away two of your health bars when you do so. It will then spin back in the opposite direction as before. To avoid these, your only chance is to Dodge Roll under the arm of the winch itself, which needs some timing. Between passes, you can pick up more spotlights but you need to be quick.

Once it passes twice, a steady line of minigun's bullets hit the roof, Dodge Roll or hide behind the winch(if angle allows) to avoid it. Then the red light on the winch will go green again, press the button on the winch to bring the copter back down for some more damage.

Rinse and Repeat until destroyed. TK will fall from the helicopter as it crashes, just missing him. The money burns around everyone as TK is brought to the Safe House. With TK in your custody, this brings an end to Case Five, tune in next time for the arrival of the military and the twist no one saw coming.


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