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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 6

Updated on September 2, 2011

Jumping back into the zombie-ridden Fortune City, Chuck has finally got TK and the answers are close at hand. However with him unconscious, answers are going to have to wait as the arrival of the military draws near.

Day 4, 9:00 AM. You will have to be in the Security Room of the Safe House to start this case. Everyone gathers around the video monitors as the military crosses the bridge that has been lowered for them. Soldiers begin to purge the city when...a mysterious green gas pours from the city vents causing the zombies to grow in size, durability, and aggression. The military is overwhelmed and rescue is halted.

Back at the Safe House, they stand in horror as they watch the scene unfold. Sullivan reassures them that another rescue will come in 24 hours as it's standard procedure. If that fails then the city will be firebombed to ensure that the Outbreak won't spread. Just as this news hit, Rebecca is seen on the monitors going into the underground tunnels.

Case 6-2.Time to go save Rebecca. When you leave the Safe House, there are two gas zombies waiting for you.

Gas zombies are faster than regular zombies, have more health, their grab attack has a longer reach, and they vomit blood that stuns you for a few seconds if hit. Queens only stun them, not kill them. However, Blast Frequency Guns can kill them but not regular zombies. Gas Zombies are now a part of the game until the end.

Where you need to go is all the way to the Yucatan Casino end of the Silver Strip. Before the entrance of the casino, bare right down the alley and turn left to see the gate leading to the underground has been breached. Once inside the Underground, head to the area on the left where makeshift barricades have been made. When you enter, a cutscene plays where Sgt. Dwight Boykin is holding off zombies with the help of his "soldiers" who are all dead, Rebecca is his prisoner(she's easy to capture apparently). Seeing you as a zombie, he begins to attack you.

Hide behind objects to have him come to you, use the Defiler's jump attack and he will dodge roll after taking damage. Find a new spot to hide and repeat, but be careful as he also tosses grenades, just go away from it to avoid damage. He will go back to his Humvee and do a bullet sweep, either hide or wait for the bullets to pass and take your chance to attack. If he hits you with the butt of his rifle, it is a long animation which does two life bars of damage at most, but can be annoying.

Case 6-3. Once the fight ends, you rescue Rebecca and Dwight blows himself up. This case file is about getting Rebecca back to the Safe House. You need to carry her when not driving. Get into the nearby cart and drive, it will most likely die just short of the plaza entrance. Use the SUV if you have it. Carry her across the plaza and back to the Safe House.

In the Infirmary, Chuck applies an icepack to her leg and she informs everyone of the Gas Zombies. TK regains consciousness and reveals he was given Chuck to frame, but not much else.

Case 6-4. Speculation on what TK knows is cut short as the power blinks out for a second and zombies appear inside the Safe House, an electric panel has been damaged. Stacey barricades the door as Chuck goes to solve this. Now don't worry about the survivors, they will not die. You need a Generator, Spool of Wire, and a Gas Barrel to jury-rig the panel, each are a two-handed item, so no inventory storage and you drop it if you're hit. Directions are judged as if facing the panel.

Generator - Turn left down the stairs, take the left door, and the generator is there.
Spool of Wire - Turn left down the stairs, take the right door, follow the hall until there's a sunken platform area to your right, the spool is there.
Gas Barrel - Head right down the hallway, heading toward the elevators, it is in the corner between the doors to Rooms 8 and 9.

When the three items are back at the panel. Press the button and spam the 'A' or 'X' Button (XBOX,PS3 respectively) until the gate is closed, securing the Safe House.

With most of the zombies gone, everyone asks where's Sullivan? That is the start of our next case, Case 7! Until next time, good bye!


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