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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 7

Updated on September 2, 2011

The truth is at hand for Chuck Greene. With arrival of the military failed, it is time to take the fight into your own hands...again.

Day 4. This Case starts immediately after Case 6 and it starts with some good news. TK escapes the infirmary, turns a blind corner and is bit by a zombie. Chuck rescues him and sees that he is infected. Back at the infirmary, Sullivan regains consciousness as TK had knocked him out. You get to enjoy TK begging for some Zombrex with Sullivan suggesting to throw him outside. After leaving TK handcuffed to his gurney, another cutscene begins.

Chuck, Rebecca, Stacey and Sullivan are watching a news report informing the public about the gas zombie mutation and the reports about survivors were false stating the rescue team found the Safe House overrun by zombies and everyone already dead. Contact with the rescue team was lost and presumed killed while leaving the city. Therefore, the President has ordered the firebombing of Fortune City (thanks again Obama!) to be done at 7 AM.

After a trademark spat between Stacey and Sullivan, Rebecca says that all they need to do is contact her station and they will send rescue. They also figure out that this goes way bigger than TK. Since Rebecca recorded the military's arrival, she notices the gas was coming from underground, so that's where you need to go.

The Firebombing. You are given until Day 5, 7:00 AM to beat the game or everyone dies.

To Zombrex or Not to Zombrex. Anytime between now and the end of the game, you can give Zombrex to TK in the infirmary. If you choose to do so, you are given Overtime Mode at the end. If not, you get Ending A as long as you complete all the Case Files.

Case 7-2. Head out of the Safe House, you can go into the Underground Tunnels through any entrance and go to the "?" on your map. I suggest either the entrance you took to fight Dwight if you have access to the SUV or take the ladder leading to where the Atlantica Casino Zombrex was hidden. The Palisades Entrance is also good, but requires more of a walk.

When you get close to the marker, most of the zombies ignore you and are running toward a large bulkhead door. Pressing the button to the right of this door starts a small series of cutscenes. The door opens and zombies fill up the room. A machine hanging from the ceiling activates, it kills all the zombies and draws all the queens from their bodies. The four mercs standing there spot you and the fight begins.

The easiest way to get up to the platform is to walk toward the left where a few stairs are. Kill the mercs in normal fashion. There is plenty of healing items in the room, so it shouldn't be a problem to get back to full. In the back of the room is a short hallway leading to your next fight.

Mark and Pearce, two scientists talk about their work when one of them receives a phone call. He informs the person on the other end about their progress when Chuck interrupts them. They both draw handguns. Now I know that this is a Psychopath Fight, but I don't consider it as such because they do nothing outside of just shooting you, even mercs have a melee move. Using guns is better because you can pop in-and-out of the tunnel and they don't have much health.

Once they are dead, Chuck gets ahold of their laptop revealing who's behind this operation, their satellite phone, and a Lab Key Card.

Case 7-3. Now you can use the elevator, take it to get to the west end of the Palisades Mall. Gas Zombies will be there for this time only. Get back to the Safe House and enter the Security Room to start a cutscene.

Chuck reveals it is Phenotrans, the pharmaceutical company that makes Zombrex, is behind the entire thing. Rebecca plays around with the laptop and sees the data on-screen. With this, Rebecca has her story. She takes the satellite phone, calls her station and...receives a bullet in the head. Sullivan stands there and smiles. Taking the satelitte phone and the laptop, it turns out he is on Phenotrans' payroll. He explains everyone was supposed to die in the Outbreak and Chuck would have remained framed forever with no one the wiser. Before he can kill anyone else, Stacey disarms him with a baseball bat, but he escapes with the laptop and the phone.

That brings an end to Case 7. Next time, it's The Facts and Overtime.


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