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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Day 1 Survivors

Updated on August 11, 2011
Careful, some survivors have teeth!
Careful, some survivors have teeth!

In the chaos that is Fortune City, we've taken a look at Chuck's quest to clear his name and we also saw those that lost their minds, but what about the innocents? That's what we're here to find out.

About Survivors. Just like the first Dead Rising, there's a limit to amount of survivors you can have on the field at any one time. The total remains at eight survivors. Since all the survivors are instanced, you will not receive a message dealing with a survivor in the same zone as you're currently in. You must exit the zone, wait until the message(or none if they're unlisted) appears on your screen and re-enter.

How do I know I'm at my limit? This will require some basic math and for those who didn't enjoy math class growing up, I sympathize but it is still necessary. Let's say you have 4 survivor messages containing: 1+2+3+1 = 7. This means if the next message has 4 survivors, then it will not be displayed until the limit allows for 4 new survivors regardless of the message's start time. Those survivors who are unlisted still count toward the total limit, which can be frustrating at times.

Having survivors join you and getting them successfully back to the Safe House, give you prestige points(experience) to level up, so it is essential to get survivors to increase your own survivability in future playthroughs.

Thirteen survivors are already safe. These people do not count toward your survivor total for either story progress or achievements.

Different from Dead Rising 1. Survivors are not idiots in Dead Rising 2 that require you to either store-hop or clear the entire way of zombies to get them to safety. They are rarely caught by zombies and are smart enough to follow you when you call them instead of shoving zombies to the ground in one spot. Just remember to try to keep moving to avoid them from being caught.

Also if you spot survivors and leave the zone, their lifebars no longer deplete over time. They only do so when they have joined you and you leave the zone without them. When you're by a door to exit the zone, a little green icon will appear over the survivor's name when they close enough to leave with you.

Use the Y/Triangle Button to call a survivor, they will still close behind you. Using Aim Mode, you can swivel your camera and press Y/Triangle button to give your survivors a place to stand and will stay there until called, I refer to this as a "Survivor Waypoint".

What you need. Since you have four hours before Katey needs Zombrex, take a small sidetrip to Fortune Park. Walk east toward the Silver Strip, go past the Slot Ranch Casino and the "Swept Away" Chapel to see a store with a fortune teller game out front, go into that store called "One Little Duck Bingo". On the table in the back, get the Leadership Magazine. This is the only item you need for Survivors as it dispels any movement impairment that a Survivor can have, allowing you to remain free and battle ready.

Getting all possible survivors is very difficult for your first playthrough as you have four inventory spaces and no speed bonuses. Don't get frustrated if you can't get all the survivors for now, build up your level and get your stats higher, so you can save everyone.

Lenny Mooney
Where: Yucatan Casino Lounge
Time Start: Day 1, 4:00 AM
Time End: Day 2, 10:00 AM
Message: None

This person is hiding from Ted Smith and Snowflake. Strategy for the Psychopath is here and how to tame Snowflake is here. He will only leave his hiding place if Snowflake is either tamed or killed.

He doesn't join you right away as he needs to show you how you can get rich. You have to stay close to him until he reaches the Utility Room of the Yucatan close to the restrooms. Once he turns on all the slot machines in the Casino, talk to him and he'll join you.

Denyce Calloway
Where: "Roy's Mart", Royal Flush Plaza
Time Start: Day 1, 3:00 AM
Time End: Day 1, 8:00 AM
Message: "Katey Needs Zombrex"

Before going into the store, set a Survivor Waypoint for any following survivors in the "Modern Businessman". When you enter, she is being harassed by three Looters. Once they are dealt with, just talk to her to have her join.

Now drop off your survivors at the safehouse.

LaShawndra and Gordon Dawkins
Where: "The Dark Bean"(LaShawndra) and "Casual Gals" (Gordon), 1F Royal Flush Plaza
Time Start: Day 1, 5:45 AM
Time End: Day 1, 3:45 PM
Message: None

This married couple is really close to the Safe House. Just like in Dead Rising 1, Gordon is a coward, but you don't have to hit him to join you, just talking will do. He is crying behind the counter for leaving his woman behind as he run ahead to save his life.

Once he's joined, bring him to LaShawndra where they hug and she slugs him. Now you can talk to her for her to join. You can do this the other way, but this way involves less zombies being nearby.

REMEMBER! The Case Files start at this time and Rebecca Chang counts as a survivor for purposes of the survivor limit. You can rescue LaShawndra and Gordon before or after giving Katey the Zombrex.

Chad and Doris Elchart
Where: Platinum Strip
Time Start: Day 1, 9:10 AM
Time End: Day 1, 10:10 PM
Message: "Lost..."

Now the marker on your map for this message reveals Doris location, but she refuses to leave the top of the small kiosk without her husband. Instead of talking to her first, find Chad who can appear anywhere in the middle of the Platinum Strip. Talk to him when all nearby zombies are dead for him to join, be careful as he does shoot zombies with a shotgun. Bring him to Doris to have them hug and talk to her for her to join.

Esther Alwin
Where: Children's Castle, 2F Royal Flush Plaza
Time Start: Day 1, 10:00 AM
Time End: Day 1, 7:30 PM
Message: "Shortsighted"

This elderly woman has no clue that zombies have taken over the city. You have to talk to her several times before she joins you. She needs to be carried unless you have the Leadership Magazine, though carrying a survivor makes you almost untouchable to zombies as you keep moving.

If you haven't dropped off your survivors, do so now.

Immediately make your way to the Palisades Mall. Either go through the Yucatan Casino or take the "Hot Excitorama" backalley entrance. Don't go into the mall just yet, wait for the next message.

Kenneth Walsh and Jack Ellis
Where: "Shanks", 1F Palisades Mall
Time Start: Day 1, 11:00 AM
Time End: Day 1, 7:00 PM
Message: "Welcome to the Family"

This unlikely pair is found beset by zombies where Kenneth is holding them off with a knife as Jack, his son-in-law, cries in the back of the store. Kill the nearby zombies to make it easier to talk to them and have them join. If you have access to the SUV, go to the Yucatan Casino and exit to the Silver Strip from there. The SUV can house three survivors, so this is a perfect fit.

If you don't have the SUV, go through the "Hot Excitorama" passage and go through the Royal Flush Plaza entrance.

Drop off these two off at the Safe House.

Stuart Holmes and Brittany Beck
Where: South Americana Casino
Time Start: Day 1, 1:00 PM
Time End: Day 1, 10:00 PM
Message: "Worker's Compensation"

Kristin Harris
Where: Security Room, Americana Casino
Time Start: Day 1, 2:00 PM
Time End: Day 2, 2:30 AM
Message: "Lush-ious Lady"

I usually wait until 2:00 PM for this. Stuart decides to get money from the Casino for all the hard work he has put in and Brittany is along for the ride. The pair have barricaded themselves between some slot machines. Stuart will attack you, Press Up on your D-Pad to make yourself unarmed. After several punches and kicks, Stuart will yield. Talk to him to join and don't forget to talk to Brittany as well.

Bring them to the Security Room of the Casino to find Kristin drunk out of her mind. After she throws up and a few talking prompts, she joins. Normally she needs to be carried. Take the three back to the Safe House.

John Boog/Curtis Ellenton/Brian Scherbey/Kevin Meyers
Where: South Plaza, Unfinished Ultimate Playhouse
Time Start: Day 1, 3:30 PM
Time End: Day 2, 2:00 AM
Message: "Brains Over Brawn"

These four nerds are enjoying playing a Pencil-n-Paper RPG. They are located south of the Fortune City Arena in a store south of the large statue. Talk to John and go through several talking prompts to have them join. They join immediately if you have a female survivor with you at the time.

Heading through the Fortune City Arena, into the Americana, and finally the Royal Flush Plaza is the fastest way to get back.

Elrod Bumpkins and Trixie-Lynn Horton
Where: Fortune City Arena
Time Start: Day 1, 5:00 PM
Time End: Day 2, 2:00 AM
Message: "Barn Burner"

Vikki Taylor
Where: Men's Restroom, Americana Casino
Time Start: Day 1, 5:00 PM
Time End: Day 2, 12:00 PM
Message: "Chuck the Role Model"

These two "geniuses" trapped themselves in a dressing room by lighting the doorway on fire to keep out the zombies. Put up a nearby Fire Extinguisher and spray it at the fire until it is out and you shoud freeze a few zombies in the process. As usual, talking to them will make them join.

Head to the Americana Casino. Instead of going down the conveyor, go to the restrooms. Set a survivor waypoint somewhere inside the Women's Restroom to have these two stay there as you head into the Men's Restroom.

Vikki is the prisoner of Brandon Whittaker. Once he's defeated, kill the nearby zombie and talk to her to both free her bonds and have her join.

Drop them off at the Safe House. There are no new survivors until after Case 2 begins.

Jared Davis
Where: "Wily's Travels", 2F Royal Flush Plaza
Time Start: Day 1, 7:35 PM
Time End: Day 2, 8:35 AM
Message: "Once Bitten"

Jared is a partyboy who has gotten himself bitten. He won't join unless you give him some Zombrex. Usually I either ignore/kill him for this reason, despite how close he is to the Safe House. He will need another dose of Zombrex in Day 3 or he will die.

Sven Blaaborg
Where: "One Little Duck Bingo", Silver Strip
Time Start: Day 1, 10:00 PM
Time End: Day 2, 7:00 AM
Message: "Code Blue"

Getting close to the store, you'll receive a warning that Tim Duggan is Dead(There's no way to save him). Sven the Paramedic regrets he couldn't save him, you console him and he joins you. Returning Sven to the Safe House rewards you with a free Zombrex.

Cinda Smith and Jasper Sanford
Where: Cucina Donnacci (Cinda) and Above Hamburger Fiefdom (Jasper), Food Court
Time Start: Day 1, 10:30 PM
Time End: Day 2, 8:30 PM
Message: "Tastes Like Chicken"

Cinda is the prisoner of Antoine Thomas. After the fight, Cinda refuses to go because she saw Chuck on TV about the Outbreak. She'll only join if you have Jasper in your group. To get to him, jumping on top the vending machines to the left of Lombardi's and climb up to the walkway above the restaurants. Talk to Jasper, have him join, bring him to Cinda, have her join and return to the Safe House.

Next time, we'll take a short break from Day 2 Survivors and discuss an alterate strategy for Day 1 to get the achievement, "Come On! Follow Me!" where you have to escort eight survivors at the same time.


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