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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 1

Updated on November 14, 2011

Welcome back to Walkthrough. Today's issue will be the first case of the director's cut version of Dead Rising 2 known as Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Here is the original game's Case 1 Walkthrough.

Now what makes this a different story from the original Dead Rising 2?

Much of the story remains intact. There are changes both subtle and great in the game's story. These walkthroughs are mostly telling the changes from the original. So without any further adieu, this is Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

Game Start. Much like the original, go through the introductory scenes to get acquainted with the characters and there is a minigame to play.

TIR Wrestling. Instead of racing with a Slicecycle to carve up zombies for points. Frank is in a wrestling leotard, killing zombies for money. Instead of racing against competitors, you're racing the clock. You got three minutes to get as much money as you can. To get the best cutscene, you need to make gold. Bronze is $10'000, Silver is $15'000, and Gold is $25'000.

Each zombie kill is worth $150. The stage starts with three "luchador" zombies. Kill them as fast as possible. You only have your fists, so you can jump kick, punch, and strong punch them. Once they are dead(again), the stage lowers and the corner cages open to release five more luchador zombies. In each cage, there are items and some of the zombies carry them. Don't be choosy with the items just pick up and use except for the Foam Hand.

Once those five are no more, the stage lowers further and the caged walls open up to release zombies into the ring. Now there are an unlimited number of zombies coming toward you. But now you've got a new weapon. When you climb on a corner, the lights go from green-to-red and open up to two columns of spiral grinders that instantly kill any zombie caught in them, each zombie killed this way yields $750. But don't stay on top for too long as flamethrowers will engulf the top as long as the grinders are active. Once all four are active, the entire ring will be bathed in flame for a few seconds. 5-10 seconds afterward, all the grinders close up and you need to get on top to activate them again.

Getting to Gold your first playthrough can be tough, but not impossible. The key is to activate three sets of grinders and one-shot zombies with a 2x4, baseball bat, or folding chair into them. Activate the fourth grinder when you're overwhelmed with zombies to get the maximum payout.

As long as you kill the first eight zombies fast and don't get grappled too much, this strategy should yield you Gold with only a few seconds to spare.

Outbreak. In the Locker Room, Frank West watches the newsreport and looks at his winnings, the only thing he wants to get out of here. Once you get into the hall past the restroom, a conversation causes him to investigate. On top the catwalk, Frank witnesses a deal going down between TK and Brandon Whittaker in the storehouse below. Time to take some snapshots!

You can use your camera by pressing RT+RB. Like the first Dead Rising, you can move around the world while holding your camera and take a shot with X.

Following TK and Brandon on the catwalk can be a little tricky, but just keep the pair in clear view and centered on your camera. Only take shots when a yellow PP symbol appears over their heads, these are the money shots. Don't worry about making noise, they can't hear you from the catwalk. After about 5-6 Prestige Point shots, a cutscene happens where three of TK's bodyguards come for you. This fight is annoying as you have no items and two of them have weapons. Your best bet is to jump kick and dodge roll away. It will take about 6-8 kicks to defeat one of them. Aim for one with a weapon and pick it up once he's defeated.

After TK's trio is taken care of, you get a nice belittling scene with Krystal and Amber before heading to the elevator and like the original, the elevator jostles and you're knocked out. You have to escape the Outbreak once freed of the elevator. If you want a shocker, stop by the Green Room while escaping.

Get into the Fortune City Arena and out the main doors into the Platinum Strip, you get the cutscene where you go into the Safe House and meet Sullivan. Stacey is a little meaner in this game toward the main character.

Before the Cases. You resume the game at 3:00 AM and the only big change is there are no Zombrex that spawns in the world until 7:00 AM except for the one in Roy's Mart as it is story-related. You can still fight Ted at 4:00 AM upon entering the Yucatan. Other than getting supplies and killing zombies for fun, that's all you can do.

Case 1-1. After dosing yourself with Zombrex, visit the Security Room to get this Case. Same as the original, but Stacey and CURE are the ones being blamed. That doesn't mean Frank won't get into trouble. The newsreport ends and Frank has to visit Rebecca at the Fortune City Hotel.

Case 1-2. The conversation between you and Rebecca is the same and she requires your help to get to the Central Security Room.

Case 1-3. Follow Rebecca to get to the Fortune City Arena. This is the same but she takes a shortcut path to get there quicker, prepare to fight Looters. Once in the arena, get to the northwest corridor past the west hall leading to the double doors. Once there, take the hall to the left and open the door when Rebecca is near to get the ending cutscene for this case.

Case 1-4. Once the cutscene ends, return to the Safe House and enter the Security Room to end this case.


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