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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 2

Updated on February 4, 2012

Welcome back to Walkthrough, it has been a few months since my last update, This holiday season was spent basically running around and entertaining various relatives that dropped by on their own schedules with little-to-no warning. Anyway now that I finally recovered from everyones' visits, I'm ready to go with you as we dive straight into the zombie-killing paradise of Fortune City.

Last time we left Frank, he had just survived the Fortune City Outbreak and agreed to help Stacey clear her name and that of CURE.

However this is an interesting twist from the original Dead Rising 2 as now the Brandon Whittaker fight is mandatory in order to complete the story.

Day 1, 6:30 PM. Return to the Security Room of the Safe House at this time to start this case. You return to the Safe House with Stacey having a guy dragging a girl on the monitors. Frank recognizes him being the one having the deal with TK.

My suggested weapon for dealing with Psychopaths is the Defiler (Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe) for it's jump attack is quick and does decent damage.

Case 2-2. You must go to the Uranus Zone Men's Room to start this case. The Cutscene with Brandon is very similar to the original with one key difference. Unlike DR2, he kills Vikki and so you can't rescue her.

This Boss Fight is also very much the same with two differences. First, when he uses his special attack where he gestures the broken glass across his throat, he WON'T run after you and use it. He just uses it from where he stands and is winded for a moment or two. He stills does a retaliating strike each time you hit him until he hits you or you run away a short distance.

Second, when he jumps into the stalls, he frees about 4-6 zombies from random stalls and so you have to kill them, too. However it is more annoying than dangerous.

Once he's dead, that is the end of this Case. Next time, we are dealing with Case 3 (DR2's Case 2).


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