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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 7

Updated on April 10, 2012

Welcome back to the Walkthrough and diving headfirst into the military rescue of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. We've just taken TK into custody and got our money back. The next case is nearly the same as the original's Case 6.

Day 4, 9:00 AM. To start this case, you need to be on the roof of the Royal Flush Plaza. Frank and Rebecca are recording the arrival of the military. After an extended conversation between Sgt. Boykin and his soldiers, you will witness an extended battle before the green gas emerges from underground and turns the battlefield into a living hell. Watching Rebecca give chase, it is time for Frank to do the same.

Case 7-2. Like the original, the steel fencing cutting the Silver Strip from the Underground, which is just south of the Yucatan Casino Entrance, is finally open. Go into the Underground through the broken gate and head to the Loading Bay which is on the left. if you have access to the SUV, drive it inside the Underground.

After the cutscene with Boykin killing zombies with the help of his "soldiers" who are all dead, the fight with him is the same. He will start off trying to shoot you with his LMG, take cover and let him come to you. When he's in range, use a Defiler Jump Attack. If it hits, he will somersault away and try to either shoot you or throw a grenade. Hide behind something to avoid the gunfire and if he tosses a grenade, just move away from where you were standing.

His most annoying attack is if he hits you with the butt of his gun, which leads to a long animation and he throws you away. His other attack is he returns to his Humvee and strafe-fires from one side to the other. All you need to do is hide behind cover or you can quickly run up to him and Defiler Jump Attack.

Rinse-and-repeat until he's dead. Enjoy the cutscene of Frank rescuing Rebecca and watching Boykin blowing himself up again.

Case 7-3. Time to bring Rebecca back to the Safe House. The reason it is nice to bring the SUV is because if you exit into the Silver Strip the same way you entered. You may come across the two soldiers left behind. Recruit them quickly(Must have no guns in your inventory) and drive the SUV, which will hold all three survivors, to the Americana Casino entrance, which is quicker than going through the entire Royal Flush Plaza getting them back to the Safe House.

Case 7-4. Speaking of which, a cutscene will play when you arrive at the Safe House with Rebecca getting an icepack on her ankle as their speculation of TK is cut short by a brief power outage. Zombies appear inside the Safe House. Like the original, you need a Generator, Spool of Wire, and a Gas Barrel; you need to return them to the panel to juryrig it. Each item can't be stored in inventory and are two-handed, so if you're grappled or attacked, it will drop and you have to pick it back up. They are also in the same locations inside the Safe House as the original.

The biggest difference is the first thirteen survivors that escaped the Outbreak at the beginning of the game can be killed by zombies. I haven't seen any of the survivors you personally rescue get killed, so it's just those thirteen. You may lose one or two while running around, gathering all the materials. Frankly, this change wasn't really needed as it added no real value to the experience.

The following directions are as if you're facing the panel:

Generator - Head down the stairs to your left and enter the door on the left, the Generator is right there.
Spool of Wire - Head down the stairs to your left and enter the door on the right, follow the hall until you see a sunken platform on your right, the spool is there.
Gas Barrel - Head down the hall on your right and follow it until you reach the corner between the doors to Rooms eight and nine.

Once you've got all the items back to the panel, spam the A or X button (XBOX, PS3 respectively) until the door closes and ends the zombie siege. Enjoy the scene where TK gets bitten by a zombie and Frank says one of my favorite one-liners.

This brings an end to Case 7 and this issue of Walkthrough.


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