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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 5

Updated on March 19, 2012

Welcome back to Walkthrough, still exploring the zombie-filled dystopia of Fortune City. As if surviving the Outbreak, stopping one of the co-conspirators, chasing TK, and foiling his burglaries weren't enough, we are about to embark on what I call "The Longest Case File of All Time".

Day 3, 12:00 AM. At the very start of the third day, you arrive at the second floor of Bennie Jack's in the Americana Casino to start this Case File. Frank is wondering where Rebecca is as he hears TK's voice coming from a transceiver left on the counter. He isn't happy that you've been throwing a wrench into his plans, so he wants 1 million dollars in exchange for Rebecca and you have to deliver the money to the Shoal Nightclub in the Yucatan Casino at 7:00 PM.

Case 5-2. If you're wondering, "But I have X number of dollars, how can I make that much by 7:00 PM without sacrificing survivors or letting psychopaths roam free?"

You can gather the Gambling Magazines and play the games, but it is much better if you do this in Sandbox Mode since all money gained there can be used in Story Mode. So if you haven't started Sandbox, now is the time.

As with all magazines, the Gambling Magazines have changed locations. Gambling 1 is now on the top section of the Water Bar in the center of the Palisades Mall. Gambling 2 is ironically next to the Transceiver in Bennie Jack's, you can even see it in the cutscene for this Case File. These are the only two magazines you can get in Sandbox Mode because the third is inside one of the Security Boxes in the Fortune City Bank, which you can only access in Story Mode (Bit of a flaw if you don't mind me saying).

If you don't know the best place to go gambling, it's in the Slot Ranch Casino, there is a large machine on the wall just north of the hallway to the Food Court. Bet a $1'000 every time and you will earn a lot more money than you'd lose, though some start-up capital is required.

Stock up on Quicksteps (WIne+Wine in the blender), the bar at the Yucatan Restaurant, Baron Von Brathaus, has an infinite stock of wine. They are good because they heal six bars of health and you move faster. The best choice of weapon for this fight is guns, but is also good to have a Defiler or Battle Axe for the Jump Attack, if not quick melee weapons. For those who haven't played the original, this is a Psychopath Fight.

Case 5-3. At 7:00 PM, you need to arrive at the Shoal Nightclub. One of TK's bodyguards opens the door and takes the money that's magically placed inside a money case. You're told she's inside and he leaves with all the money. The scene replays pretty much the same as the original, the Bailey Twins equipped with their trademark swords.

There hasn't been much change in this fight except sometimes they actually stand still after striking. With the benefit of the Quickstep, it is easier for them to fumble their attacks if they miss. Using the Defiler Jump Attack when they do is best, but you'd most likely get hit by any retaliation attack they have.

If you're in need of a quick heal, there is plenty of beer and cocktails about, but you'll have a stomachache if you drink three of more unless you have the Drinking Magazine in your inventory, then go nuts.

After you've slain one of them, the fight is over and this Case comes to a close. Next time, Case 6.


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