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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Eleven: ctOS Control Center, Brandon Docks

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden's sister, Nicky, has gone missing. Aiden knows exactly who's responsible - but if he wants his sister back he's going to have to go hunting in areas that aren't exactly home territory. And, as always, this necessitates the teensiest bit of ctOS backdoor shenanigans. To Brandon Docks!

Tools of the Trade

Location: Papa B's Pawn, Parker Square

Prerequisite(s): Complete Hold On, Kiddo

- Tools of the Trade opens up as soon as you reach Act II of Watch_Dogs. You'll find the waypoint a short ways east of the Owl Motel Hideout, back in Parker Square. You're looking for a pawn shop with yellow signs out front.

- Buy some crafting components. You only need one or two of any of the three items to proceed with the story. Doing so will close down this very small quest and trigger a new one...

ctOS Control Center, Brandon Docks

Location: Brandon Docks

Prerequisite(s): Complete Tools of the Trade

- As soon as you buy a component or two this mission will pop up in Brand Docks. Grab a car and drive through this (possibly new to you) neighbourhood. The ctOS Control Center you're looking for is on the other side of a bridge, appearing as a large, brown building. As soon as you enter the grounds you'll be notified that this is a restricted area.

Aiden messes with the guards of the Brandon Docks ctOS Center in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden messes with the guards of the Brandon Docks ctOS Center in Watch_Dogs.

- There are two ways into the grounds surrounding the Control Center. The first is a large, obvious gate sandwiched between the main building and a smaller building on the right side of the lot. The guard watching the guard is carrying an explosive, and you can trigger it to kill him off and get inside.

- The second entrance is on the left side of the main building, and features a small guard shack. The person in the shack doesn't care a fig about you, but another guard down the road and behind a second gate will. You can pop open the gate, then distract the guy beyond with an electronic sign to slip in this way. If you continue down the alley a short ways you'll find a second gate that leads beneath the platforms in this area, though you're a bit exposed going this route and won't have ready access to the cameras.

- Both entrances lead to the same lot, one guarded by a number of guards - including a sniper, who largely keeps an eye on the first entrance. A gun battle is ever possible, but not advised. If you decide to try for a shootout, get inside one of the buildings and use it for cover before you start to fire on bad guys. Silenced weapons are a plus for as long as you can maintain your cover.

The Hacking Route

- If you want to do this Aiden-style, jump into the camera system. You can use it to take out a lot of the guards so long as you're sneaky.

- The sniper near the first entrance is often carrying explosives. Boom!

- Use the cameras to hop into the second floor of the northwest building on the lot. There's a guard in here whom you can potentially lure towards a talking moose on the wall. Catch him as he's moving with the explosive panel that's also in the room. If you take too long he won't be moving and will ignore the moose, so do this early. You can also sneak into this building from a garage door near the second entrance and perform a takedown on this guy, snagging his SVD in the process. Sniping fun abounds.

Aiden hides behind a stack of lumber while infiltrating the Brandon Docks ctOS Centre in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden hides behind a stack of lumber while infiltrating the Brandon Docks ctOS Centre in Watch_Dogs.

- Several other guards will probably be carrying explosives. Exploit these as you see fit while you're camera-hopping. There are a few explosive panels in the outdoor area as well, but you won't get too many chances to use them unless the guards take cover from gunfire.

- There's a long, swivelling service in the middle of this area. If the guards ever get alerted they'll cross this pathway with fair regularity. You can use it to muck them up quite a bit. It's also useful as a standard distraction should you wish to sneak by undetected. You'll find more of these in the rear of the area, though don't bother going too far out, as they eventually lead out of the mission zone.

- Your ultimate target, regardless of your approach, is a guard who tends to linger near the main service bridge near the ctOS Control Center. With a bit of patience you can easily scan him for his access code without engaging the guards. Once you have the access code, hop into a laptop in the shack nearest the service bridge to get a good look at the building's security router. Puzzle!

- The first (and only!) puzzle has two locks. Twist the left and right elbow junctions so the blue path is flowing up into the lower lock, unlock it, then twist the elbow junctions again so they flow into the upper lock. Easy.

- Into the server room. Hop between the two cameras and hack the servers for some audio files, then unlock the ctOS Access Point. Brandon Docks is now yours to exploit, and you'll unlock a new campaign mission, Breakable Things, to boot.


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