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What is a DRPG?

Updated on July 19, 2013
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Role playing


Dice less role playing games

What is a DRPG?

The simple answer to this is it is a Dice-less Role-playing Game. This means a role-playing game that does not rely on dice to decide on success or failure.

How can you play a role-playing game without dice?

Many role-players who have not played a dice-less system will be confused about the concept of playing a role-playing game without using any dice. In a common role-playing system the players will use dice to decide whether they are successful in certain tasks. For example a player wants tohit a troll with his sword. The player will check his character sheet and look up his stats things like his strength, swordsmanship, attack skills etc. The player will then roll a number of dice based on these stats. Depending on the dice roll the player may miss, or may sever the head of the troll. Most role-players prefer this to a dice-less system because this gives an element of realism to the game because there is no guarantee that the players chosen action will succeed.

With a dice-less system if a player wished to attack an enemy they would have to role-play the attack to succeed. Each player will have a character sheet that has the characters stats and attributes. The GM (Game Master [the guy who runs the game]) will know the stats of any NPC’s ( Non-player Characters ) that the player characters will meet. If the player role plays the attack really well then the character will be successful in battle. Also if the players’ stats are higher than the enemies’ stats the player will be likely to be successful. The important thing to remember is that you must justify each action that your character takes or the character is likely to fail a lot and maybe even get killed.

Why do some people prefer the Dice-less Systems?

Some people prefer to play a dice-less system because there is more emphasis on role-playing as opposed to emphasis on rolling dice. As long as the actions you perform are something that your character is likely to do then your character is more likely to do it.

For example you have a character who has very little strength this character is highly unlikely to be able to perform feats of amazing strength. Also this character is unlikely to purposely get into a fist fight with an enemy. Therefore if you were to attempt to punch an enemy and expect to do some damage you will fail unless you can role-play it really well by justifying why it would work at this time. Maybe your character has identified a weakness in the enemy making it really to knock the enemy out with one punch such as a hairline fracture to the skull.

If you are interested in a dice-less role-playing system that you would like to try out with your friends then I can highly recommend the Amber Role-playing Game. Amber is a really great God game where you get to play really powerful people who can do so many amazing things. I am currently playing a game of Amber with a group of friend where I am an extremely powerful psychic who can destroy entire planets. Amber is so cool.


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    • La Pit Master profile image

      La Pit Master 6 years ago from On Your Tabletop

      There is no question of the influence of dice-less rpgs on the evolution of tabletop. The way I see it, as the first generation of players matured, rpgs were one of the few games we could take with us because they matured.