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Psychic Power Information

Updated on February 26, 2014

A lot of people think that psychic power is a very rare gift that only a very few lucky people posses. They think that these people with psychic power were granted this ability at birth, like some inborn ability to play the piano, as Mozart was. However, although there are people who we often call mediums that do seem to have an extraordinary amount of psychic power available to them, the truth is, we all share this skill to some extent. What’s more, with some practice you can increase your psychic power. After all, we may not all be Mozart, but we can all learn to play a few song on the piano with a little practice.

And this is the key to developing psychic power: practicing the use of it on a daily basis. Just by stretching your psychic muscles a little bit each day, you can dramatically increase your ability to use this wonderful gift in your life.

Some people think psychic power is mystic women reading from crystal balls, but we all have a little psychic ability in us.
Some people think psychic power is mystic women reading from crystal balls, but we all have a little psychic ability in us.

Types of Psychic Ability

Clairvoyant - psychic seeing

Clairaudient - psychic hearing

Clairsensitive - psychic sensing

Remote-viewer - clairvoyance in present time

Lucid projector - astral traveling

Lucid dreamer - controlling one's dreams

Precognitor - predicting the future

Retrocognitor - past life

Telepath - reading minds

Psychometrist - reading objects

Intuitive - instinctive knowledge of things

Psychographer - psychic writing

Medium - relays information from non-physical world to physical world

Psycophoner - literally speaks through the speaker

Telekinesist - move objects without touching them

All of these are specific types of psychic powers, and some with psychic abilities may have more than one. For example, spiritual healers use their psychic ability to offer inner clarity.

Maria Duval - Psychic
Maria Duval - Psychic

What is Psychic Power Used For?

Before you begin to practice the gift of psychic power, you may want to think about its value and what use you can put it towards. After all, understanding the point of a skill such as this will act as a motivating factor in your daily practice. You should start to think of the good things you can accomplish by engaging in your psychic power.

First of all, we are all meant to develop ourselves as happy and productive human beings on the face of the earth. It is through our talents and abilities that we make our mark in the world and show those around us who we are and what our value is. Your psychic powers will help you to uncover these talents by giving you a deep knowledge of the way the world works.

All of creation, the entire universe, is one connected stream of higher energy. Every person, animal, plant, and stone is part of a continuous vibration of cosmic radiance. This means that we have the potential to draw on the power of every living thing to help us make our way through our life. The ability to understand and recognize that universal oneness comes to us through our psychic power. We come to know how others think, both in our personal relationships and at work, through our connection to the universal psychic energy. Thus, as we develop our psychic power, we become more confident in our relationships, better negotiators at work, and more able to attract others to our side. Those with well developed psychic powers are usually the most successful people around us.

Second, and even more important, our psychic powers will help us to help others. When people are in trouble or are feeling down on themselves or that the world has disappointed them, they have usually found themselves cut off from that universal energy of connection talked about above. They have lost faith in themselves and are out of touch with the energies that help support them. When you have developed your own psychic powers and are able to see the greater picture, you can help these people back toward knowledge. With your ability to intuit the future and unlock secrets about the world, you can act as a friendly guide to your family and friends. After al,l a gift becomes greatest when it is shared, especially one so precious as psychic power.

Strengthening Your Psychic Power

What then can you do to build your stores of psychic power? Are there exercises you can do to strengthen the psychic muscles? Yes there are!

First of all, you should begin to pay attention to that universal flow of energy we spoke about above. Begin to look for the connections between all people and things. When you feel as if you have tapped into that source of psychic power, when you feel the flow of energy that comes with a psychic event, pay attention to it. As you get a better handle on what it feels like to foresee future events or uncover secrets, you’re ability to channel your psychic power will increase. This is just like learning to play the piano: as your finger get used to feeling for the keys, your playing will improve.

Another thing you should do is to start paying attention to your dreams. Dreams are an incredibly rich source of psychic power because it is there that you are in closest contact with the cosmic energy. Your dreams can be used to unlock secret potentials in your life and even let you foretell future events.

Whatever you do, it is important to believe in your psychic power. This is a gift you have within you that can be used to better your life and the lives of your loved ones. Psychic powers are yours to have and use.


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    • MistyW profile image

      MistyW 5 years ago

      Thanks for the very helpful information about psychic power. Believing and have faith that you can do it and develop psychic mind is very important for the first step into your spiritual journey.