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Where To Buy The Despicable Me Minions Toys

Updated on March 12, 2011
Despicable Me Minions and other plushes
Despicable Me Minions and other plushes

Buy A Despicable Me Toy

The Despicable Me Minion toys that are for sale at Amazon have become really popular due to the recent animated movie called Despicable Me. There are lots of different type of toys and games that are currently available to buy that link in with this movie.

The film was made as a 3-D feature film with quite a few famous people providing the voices for the different characters.

About The Movie

The film is about a super villain called Gru. He is known as the No2 super villain. The No1 super villain is called Vector and he has just succeeded in carrying out a fantastic crime. He managed to steal the Pyramids in Egypt!

Gru wants to prove his own dastardly skills and he plans to pull off the biggest theft in history by attempting to steal the moon. Gru has an army of odd shaped characters. They are known as his army of mini minions. They are yellow, oval shaped just like a pill and they wear little blue overalls and goggles.

Despicable Me Minion Dave
Despicable Me Minion Dave

Even though these little yellow minions are technically the “bad guys” in the movie, the actual plush toys that are now available to buy are so cute and adorable that every child and even adults are sure to want one.

On the surface these minions may look alike but if you take a closer look, you will see that there are some individual characters that have their own individual characteristics.

Despicable Me Movie Minion Dave

The Despicable Me Movie Minion Dave is available in two different sizes. You can order the 6 inch plush or the 10 inch plush.

The distinct difference of this character is that he has two eyes concealed under his goggles.

Despicable Me Minion Stewart
Despicable Me Minion Stewart

Despicable Me Minion Stewart

The Despicable Me Movie Minion Stewart is definitely the oddball character of the bunch.  He is immediately recognisable because this little character has just the one eye that is in the centre of his little face. 

Stewart is available in both the 6 inch version as well as the 10 inch deluxe minion.

Despicable Me Minion Jorge
Despicable Me Minion Jorge

Despicable Me Minion Jorge

The Despicable Me Movie Minion Jorge is also available to buy in two different sizes.  Choose the 10 inch deluxe version or opt for the 6 inch plush. 

The way that you can recognise Jorge is because he is the yellow minion with a very big cheesy grin where he happily shows off his teeth.

Despicable Me Agnes
Despicable Me Agnes

Other Despicable Me Character Toys

The other characters that are available as plushes and stuffed toys include

  • Despicable Me Deluxe Edith
  • Despicable Me Margo
  • Despicable Me Agnes
  • Despicable Me The Unicorn


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