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Twilight Collection - Twilight Bed Set

Updated on March 14, 2011
Edward Cullen Duvet Cover from the Twilight Collection
Edward Cullen Duvet Cover from the Twilight Collection

Buy The Perfect Twilight Bedding

If you are a big fan of the Twilight books and movies you are sure to be a fan of all things to do with this amazing phenomenon. The complete Twilight collection of novels were written by American author Stephenie Meyers and three out of the four have been made into hugely successful movies.

If you are on the look out for all things Twilight you may like the idea of decorating your bedroom with some of the great accessories that can now be found on sale at Amazon today.

All Things Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen Duvet Set

If you are in love with Edward you may find yourself dreaming of falling asleep in his arms.

Well this may not become a reality for you but the next best thing is to buy a gorgeous Edward Cullen duvet set.

As you can see, this one has the image of our amazingly handsome and tortured hero emblazoned on top layer.

The image that has been used is from a still that was taken from the second movie in the series, Twilight New Moon.

It measures 80 x 0.2 x 90 inches so is perfect for a twin size bed.

Edward Cullen pillowcase
Edward Cullen pillowcase

Edward Cullen Pillowcase

No bed would be complete without a pillow case cover.

You can find different styles on sale depending on what you like.

If you want to continue with the New Moon theme, then this pillowcase may be the one for you.

Now you can fall asleep with your cheek resting gently against the cheek of Mr Cullen’s. Aah.

Bella Swan bedding set
Bella Swan bedding set

All Things Bella Swan

Bella Swan is the main female character throughout the complete Twilight Saga. Some would say that she is a very lucky girl because she has two great guys who are competing for her affections.

If you want a little piece of Bella for yourself, then you can get hold of a Bella Swan bedding set for your room.

You can opt for the Bella inspired duvet bedding set that is similar to the one that is in the movie.

It consists of a lovely purple comforter with flocked detail work. This is exactly like the one that is in the film.

Jacob Black fleece throw blanket
Jacob Black fleece throw blanket

All Things Jacob Black

The other very good looking young man that appears in the Twilight movies is the character of Jacob Black.  If you are a fan of Team Jacob you may like to decorate your bedroom with a bedding set that features our resident shape shifter displayed on top.

Get yourself set up with a New Moon Jacob Black pillowcase, fleece, blanket, the complete set.

You have a choice of buying something that focuses on the individual characters of the films or something that contains the whole group.  Whatever you decision, Twilight bedding set has to be a must for all Twilight fans. 


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    megan 7 years ago

    i love edward and would love for you to put more twilight things!



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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for putting together what all is on the market.