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Ladybug Girl Books - Fantastic Books For Little Girls To Read

Updated on February 25, 2011
Ladybug Girl Books
Ladybug Girl Books

Who Is Ladybug Girl?

If you are looking for a collection of books that would be suitable for children, in particular girls, who are in preschool grade 2 age then you definitely have to invest in the Ladybug Girl books. This collection of stories are fantastic examples that you can share with your daughter while reading together during the day time or before it is time for her to go to sleep.

About The Ladybug Girl

The title of the books refers to a little girl called Lulu. It is her alter ego that is known as Ladybug Girl. She has a particular little costume to go with the name. This consists of a bright red tutu and red wings that have black spots on them just like a real ladybug.

How The Ladybug Girl Was Created

It is a very sweet story how the creation of Ladybug Girl came into existence.  The author and illustrator of these books are actually a married couple with a little girl.  Jacky Davis writes the stories while her husband David Soman is responsible for the wonderful illustrations. 

The idea for the books came from their little daughter called Lucy.  She was two years old at the time and bounded into the room dressed in a tutu, her Wellington boots and her ladybug wings. That was the initial beginnings of this wonderfully vibrant character.

Ladybug Girl Doll
Ladybug Girl Doll

The Ladybug Girl Books

Each storybook is a self contained tale that can be read as a standalone book or you can choose to buy the whole collection.

The books that are currently available are listed below:

  • Ladybug Girl
  • Ladybug Girl At The Beach
  • Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy
  • Ladybug Girl Dresses Up

Ladybug Girl

This is a wonderful tale about imagination. Lulu has an older brother. She wants to play with him but he tells her that she is too little to play with. Lulu is undeterred and goes about making up her own little game. By using her imagination the alter ego of Ladybug Girl is created.

Ladybug Girl At The Beach

Lulu and her family spend the day at the beach. However the ocean is a little big and scary for our little hero. But Ladybug Girl comes to the rescue because she isn’t afraid of anything. This is a lovely story about conquering ones fear.

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy

Lulu and her friend Sam are at the playground but they can not agree on the games that they want to play together. This is when Lulu introduces Sam to Ladybug Girl and Sam becomes Bumblebee Boy. They create a game together where they save the playground from monsters and dinosaurs.

This is a little story all about friendship and the art of compromise

Ladybug Girl Dresses Up

This is a story about dressing up and the use of imagination. Lulu loves to dress up as her alter ego Ladybug Girl. In this book she discovers other characters that she can dress up as including an astronaut and a pirate.

These are just the first few books from the collection. There are more on their way.  These would make a wonderful gift idea for any little girl who has a wonderful imagination.

Other Ladybug Girl Items include

Ladybug Girl Doll

Ladybug Girl Costume

Ladybug Girl shoes

Ladybug Girl Pinata


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    They are such wonderful books. Thank you for your lovely selection.