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Wii Games to Play - Single Player Best Of List

Updated on January 23, 2011

This is a list of the best Wii games to play by yourself. I have also written some articles on the best Wii games to play with your friends and the best Wii games to play with your girlfriend. See the bottom of this article for the links to those. This list is for those who are having a night in by themselves. Ensure that you have a nice cold beverage within arms reach, and then chillout, relax, and play some video games with no distractions! Here we go...

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

An obvious first choice for the 'Wii Games to Play' list - as this was the big launch title for Nintendo when the Wii was released. Starting as Link in a small village, you work your way through dungeons acquiring weapons and solving puzzles. Classic Zelda with snazzy graphics! Saving Hyrule has never looked so classy, and the Internet reviews certainly agree with me when I say this is a must have first choice if you plan on a bit of solo play with your Wii (no, not that...put those tissues away).

Wii Games to Play -  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Wii Games to Play - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

One of Nintendo's most iconic characters returned to the Wii in the form of Super Mario Galaxy. Saving Princess Peach and defeating Bowser may sound awfully familiar, but you can bet the game play is insanely awesome. With lush, vibrant graphics and resoundingly 3D worlds, Super Mario Galaxy makes full use of the Wii remotes. Super Mario Galaxy was released to rave reviews in 2007 averaging a score of 9.5/10, and Nintendo didn't stop there with the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010. Many claim it is even a better game then the first one, which people did not think was even possible. Don't start a list of Wii games to play without including these two!

Wii Games to Play - Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
Wii Games to Play - Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2


Taking on the role of mythical sun goddess Amaterasu, you play in the form of her white wolf. You are out to restore the colour to the world by destroying the monsters who have stolen it. This remake of Okami (which was originally released on PS2) is a real blast, and I recommend anyone who owns a Wii to give it a try.

Wii Games to Play - Images from Okami
Wii Games to Play - Images from Okami

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Welcome to the Jungle. A tried and true formula that is a brutally difficult platformer. Someone has stolen Big DK's bananas, yet again! Stick with it though, as the deeper you get into the jungle the better it gets. Never fear about the difficulty, as it does feature an 'auto play' option if you do get stuck on a level or in a certain section and die a few times (you may not be a hardcore master platforming guru). Definitely give Donkey Kong Country Returns a whirl, especially if you ever played the originals...

Wii Games to Play - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Wii Games to Play - Donkey Kong Country Returns

Monster Hunter Tri

This game has a relatively high learning curve for a Wii title, but if you are persistent and willing to learn Monster Hunter Tri offers a great experience. Taking on the role of a Hero, you carve and smash your way through ever bigger and more challenging monsters, upgrading your gear and weapons with the spoils of combat. Although this game has more of a focus on combat rather then story, the game is not without one. The basic premise is that a Sea Beast known as Lagiacrus is annoying the fishing village, and as a new Hero, your job is to train up and wipe him out! If you love killing gigantic monsters (and who doesn't?), then Monster Hunter Tri is for you!

Wii Games to Play - Monster Hunter Tri
Wii Games to Play - Monster Hunter Tri

No More Heroes

Receiving mixed reviews on release, No More Heroes is a gory hack'n'slash done in a comic book style. You play as an assassin who has to kill all the other assassins to become the best. It's not exactly a story of Bioware proportions and many people found the 'Open World' part of the game to be lacking. However, general consensus was that the combat in the boss battle showdowns was so absolutely epic that No More Heroes is forgiven for everything else. If you're looking for a game to rock through by yourself, decapitating other assassins with gory swipes of your laser blade (making full use of the Wii remote I might add), then check out No More Heroes.

Wii Games to Play - No More Heroes
Wii Games to Play - No More Heroes

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      dasia 5 years ago

      i always thought that super mario bros was cool

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      tomsum 7 years ago from Australia

      @HRoger - I like the gaming world too :) I had a look at your Hub, and some good info there! PS3 vs XBox is always a tough choice :D Thanks for your comment.

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      HRoger 7 years ago from Online where I can be!

      Hey friend, great information here! I really like the gaming world , check out when you can my Hub about a cool topic : Ps3 vc XBOX 360, tell me what you think :D