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Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend

Updated on January 18, 2011

This article is going to cover the best Wii games to play with your girlfriend. You cannot just play any old video game with your girlfriend (as I am sure you are aware, or you wouldn't have found your way to this Hub). You need to select games that she is going to like - thus allowing you to game longer without her feeling like you are not giving her enough attention, and giving you both something fun to do together of course! Please bear in mind this article was written for girlfriends who don't normally play a lot of video games.

These are some of the best Wii games to play that she is guaranteed to enjoy...

Boom Blox Bash Party

Let me just say one thing, my girlfriend LOVES this game. It was designed by Stephen Spielberg which your girlfriend may or may not be impressed with, not all girls loved Jaws and Jurassic Park! But it is a great little physics/puzzle based game with over 400 quirky levels.

You pick your own cute little creature, and then throw, push and pull your way around the levels either working as teams or against each other. All the while, furry critters will dance, squeak and wave at you. The prior sentence might sound lame to you, but the gameplay is actually very enjoyable, and you can be assured your girlfriend will love it too.

Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Boom Blox Bash Party
Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Boom Blox Bash Party

Wii Fit

Girls generally love Wii Fit, it comes with a Wii Fit Board and it caters to all sorts of balancing games (which our girlfriends can often best us at, let's be honest), as well as all sorts of other fun mini games.

It also includes a Yoga program, which is a win for her and a win for you because you can just sit on the couch and watch!

Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Wii Fit
Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Wii Fit

Wii Party

I asked my girlfriend what she loves about Wii Party and this is what she said:

"You can play short games or long games. The games are fun but not too easy. You use your Mii's and they have cute little costumes. I like it because it's silly and its fun!"

So there you have it. I think Wii Party is a lot better then Mario Party 8 for example, and it is more suited to all ages. Have a drink or two with your girl, and you will be having fun before you know it.

Wii Games to Play with Your Girlfriend - Wii Party
Wii Games to Play with Your Girlfriend - Wii Party

Mario Kart

My girlfriend is better then me at Mario Kart. There I said it. It's on the 'Internet' now - in the cloud, I can't take it back. She just rocks at it. We went to a gaming bar once, and she beat everyone in the bar multiple times.

My girlfriend doesn't really like video games, but she loves Mario Kart. All I'm trying to say, is give your girlfriend a chance at this game and she may well start kicking your butt! So get it and enjoy it together, but try not to get too frustrated when she beats you. I hate it when she blue turtles me right before the finish line and takes the win, but she loves it, and I love that she loves it!

Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Mario Kart
Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Mario Kart

New Super Mario Bros.

Work together to defeat the evil Bowser on this brilliant platformer. New Super Mario Bros, to it's advantage, does not try to mess with the tried and true formula. Play the Story mode with you and your girl as Mario and Luigi! If you give it a chance, the levels and the game will just get better and better. Have fun with this throwback to 2-D retro glory!

Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - New Super Mario Bros.
Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - New Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns has a great option for Multiplayer, where one of you plays Donkey Kong and the other Diddy Kong. It's a perfect match up for you and your girlfriend, and I'll tell you why with a direct quote from my girlfriend:

"Donkey Kong is fun, because I can play Diddy Kong and when it gets too hard I can just jump on your back".

The marry up is great, because if your girlfriend is not accustomed to difficult platform games, you can lead her through the more difficult sections. Also, it is a well made and beautifully designed action platformer.

Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Wii Games to Play With Your Girlfriend - Donkey Kong Country Returns

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