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Will There Be Hobbit Lego Minifigures Toys? Lego Hobbit Pictures

Updated on August 22, 2012

If you are looking for all the latest news on Hobbit Lego minifigures then you are in the right place. Here we are going to take a look at the rumours surrounding the upcoming release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Fans want to know if Lego will bring out a line of toys from the movie and possibly even some minifigures to coincide with the release of this long awaited picture.

The first Hobbit film is set to be released in December 2012 with part two scheduled for the December of 2013. Many Lego fans were disappointed to see there were no LOTR releases from the toy company, however, fresh rumours are now surfacing that Lego may well indeed bring out a line of toys for the Hobbit films. There have been a few pictures showing up although these are said to be mainly fake ones. So let’s take a look and see what we can find out on the subject.

Could Lego Release A Hobbit Series?

In recent times a company was awarded a contract to make Hobbit toys. They have said they will be releasing action figures, replica swords and things such as this. The Bridge Direct are the company that has been given this opportunity and they are something of an unknown, so it is a possibility that they may drop the ball in some respects. This could leave a gap in the market for Lego to exploit. They have already had some tremendous success with things such as Harry Potter Lego and Star Wars Lego, so why not try the same with the Hobbit.

The fact is that the hype around the movie is going to build and build and as the release gets ever closer it will no doubt capture the imagination of millions of people the world over. So chances are that this would be a great opportunity for Lego to cash in and make some serious profits. Although there is nothing official that has been said there are various comments on forums and blogs where people have stated they would be interested in a range of toys produced based on the Hobbit. So it remains to be seen if Lego will respond to this chance and look to make some kind of deal.

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What Toys Could We See?

So if we were to see some Lego toys based on the hobbit, what kind of thing could we expect? Well the most obvious choice is a range of minifigures. Lego have had wonderful success in recent years with their range of minifigures and the Hobbit provides them the ideal opportunity to branch out and base some of their figures on actual characters. If you are familiar with the Hobbit you will know there are a nice selection of dwarves who would make great characters, then you have Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, Smaug, the trolls and a few other great characters that would make classic minifigures.

There are also several scenes from the story that would easily translate into Lego. Things such as the flight from the Goblins in their underground layer, a return to Rivendell, the giant spiders in the forest and then of course the Lonely Mountain and Lake Town. There are lots of possibilities for Lego to really bring out some great toys in this range.

Obviously as of yet it is all hearsay and happenstance. There is nothing set in stone. However, if we do hear of any news we will update this page and let you know exactly what is going to happen. If you come across any news feel free to post on this page and let us all know. If Lego do decide to bring out some Lego Hobbit toys or minifigures then we are surely in for a real treat. This company really do know how to capture the imagination of children and adults alike, they may see this as the perfect chance to expand their empire and bring out some more classic Lego toys.

Update For 2012

Well we have an exciting update for you. The rumours and happenstance is no longer that, it is now fact. Lego have struck up a deal with Warner Brothers are we are going to see a brand new range of Hobbit and LOTR Lego sets. These are scheduled for release later in the year. This is massive news and there is a real buzz of excitement surround the release. We have been waiting over ten years to see LOTR Lego and now with the release of the Hobbit we are finally going to get what we want. You can find out more about this news here by reading all about Hobbit Lego.


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