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WoW Naxxramas Guide Arachnid Quarter

Updated on July 9, 2009

Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter Map

Naxx Arachnid Quarter Introduction

The Arachnind quarter is usually the first section of Naxxramas that people encounter, with some of the easier and dare I say it more fun Bosses I think this section of the Wrath of the Lich King instance is by far the most fun, even if spiders give me the shivers.

The Arachnid quarter itself is by far the easiest of the sections, with quick to clear trash and fairly decent loot it is the perfect place to gear up your raid group for some of the tougher bosses you will come up against when you and your guild work through one of the most worthwhile raids in WotLK.

There are three bosses that you will encounter in the Arachnid Quarter, these being Anub'Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna.

Anub'Rekhan is the first boss you meet, he is easy to get to with very little trash to clear before you meet him.  Anub is a great way to get your raiding guild back into the swing of raiding, co-ordination required here is pretty low, but he is a good gear check for the first section of Naxxrmas

Grand Widow Faerlina notches up the difficulty a little, with good co-ordination needed you will have to ensure your guild is well geared and on the ball for this tactical boss.

Maexxna is the final boss of the Arachnid Quarter, this spider like boss is by far the hardest of the section, it combines both the gear check and co-ordination skill check of the previous two bosses to come up with a real challenge to those new to Naxx, but the gear given is a good gearing up step for the rest of this raid instance!


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