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World Of Tanks- British Tanks

Updated on November 21, 2012

First Impressions

It is a well known fact that British tanks of world war 2 vintage were under gunned and weakly armoured. World of tanks seems to have covered these "features" amicably in the lower tier British tanks.

So far I have played all the British tanks to the Crusader, Valentine and Matilda on their various trees. I started on a 5 times xp weekend and was able to elite the MkI in two games. It seemed more enjoyable than most T1s I have played although two games is not a great sample. From there I went to the A13MK.I. It is a thoroughly enjoyable Tier2 tank and the fact that it can mount a Tier 4 gun makes it a killer in T2 or T3 battles. I seem to find Tier 3 a difficult tier because you land in T5 battles on a regular basis. The British A13Mk.II is no exception. Its QF 40mm Mk.VI cannon offers marginally better penetration than the pom pom but you just don't have the hitting power to take on Tier 4 or 5 opposition. You encounter the same problem in the Tier 4 A13 Covenanter but I have to admit I enjoyed playing the Covenanter which has enough speed to get you into side shot territory. I have not had many games in my Crusader and am still running with the stock 2pdr Mk X cannon. You can penetrate just about anything except for KV-1s and Churchills frontally. The problem is in the damage output. The Crusader is a fun tank to get around in. It can take some hits too except from the German 105 derp gun. If you see a German Vehicle with a short cannon that has a very large muzzle brake. RUN!

The next branch of the tree takes us to "cruiser tanks". Funny folk the Brits. The British translation of Cruiser is "painfully slow but still lightly armoured with many shot traps". The cruiser I, A10 and Valentine or all tanks I would avoid playing ever again. They mount similiar guns to the Covenanter Branch. I did have some derpy one shot fun times with the 3.7 Inch howitzer on the A10 but the one shot kills did not compensate for the performance of the tank in my book. The Valentine offers Tier 5 6 pounders and 75mm cannons but is still painfully slow and relatively weak. I switched the crew from the Val to the Tier 2 Vickers MkII which boasts a Tier 4 6 pounder gun upgrade. Whilst still slow and full of shot traps this is a playable Tier2 vehicle. The next tank in the branch is a vehicle I would love to call the flying wedge. Unfortunatley the Vickers Medium Mk III is more of a limping wedge but still more playable than thge cruiser tanks. The Matilda is slow as you would expect and you may need to fire of some gold rounds to get penetration from the stock cannon. The first upgrade QF 2-pdr Mk. X-B has great penetration although the damage isn't fantastic. You have to research a 3 inch howitzer to open up the Churchill which I have not yet opened up. Anyhoo the upshot for me is that the light/medium tree is the way to go. I always loved the look of a Centurion tank.

Britrish Crew Development

The British tree is a little convoluted. It has a light branch which turns into a medium branch (A13, Crusader to Cromwell) and a medium branch which turns heavy. I am running two British Crews. The first crew has run through all the A13s and is currently in the Crusader. Once I have researched the medium Cromwell tank I will switch this crew to heavy tanks and suffer a training penalty for changing class. My second british crew is in the Matilda which is classified as medium. This crew will be able to switch to the Cromwell and not suffer a training penalty for changing class.

The British Tanks

British tanks are coming in the 8.1 release. The announced vehicles are:

The Vickers medium mark one will be the Tier 1 equivalent of the LOLtraktor. This will feed into three trees for light, Medium and Heavy Tank progression.

Light tanks will initially only go to tier 4 with the Valentine with the cruiser mark I & II being the respective Tier 3 and 4 vehicles. I know some players quite like the armour on the current premium Valentine but personally I won't be rushing into British Lights.

British Heavies look like they will be typified by strong armour, low speed and will probably be undergunned at least until you reach the Tier 7 Black Prince. They will suitably reflect the failed British concept of Infantry Tanks. The Tier 10 offering is the FV215 which looks like a tortoise. I am expecting the FV215 to rival the T95 as a lumbering, artillery magnet, dinosaur. Just don't drive in front of it! The British Heavy line will be Vickers Medium II, Vickers Medium III, Matilda, Churchill I, Churchill VII, Black Prince, Caernarvon, Conqueror and FV215.

The Conqueror looks like it might be a playable tank but there are a lot of Churchills to grind through to get there. I certainly have no ambitions toward the FV215.

The mediums appear to be where the action is and judging by the video above the Crusader might have a bit of a speed buff. I have always liked the Comet. To me it symbolised British tanks coming of age and finally being able to stand up for themselves. Centurions were still around when I was a kid. They were the first tank to employ stabilisers. I can't wait to get my hands on the WOT versions. The British medium tree is: Cruiser Mk III, Cruiser Mk IV, Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion Mk 1-4, Centurion Mk 5-9 and FV4202.

When the French tech tree was released premium German badged French vehicles were removed from sale. This may also be the case with Russian badged premium British vehicles such as the Valentine, Matilda and Churchill.


The 8.0 patch was released October 2012 and the only British tank to date is a Matilda Black Prince Tier 5 Premium. Some may be thinking of playing this to get some skilled British crew ahead of the crowd. Whilst I have not played this tank myself I know some people who played it in the beta and hated it. Fairly warned ye be!

As this page is getting a bit old the following paragraphs concern the 7.4 and 7.5 updates which most readers will be aware of by now.

About update 7.4

The Brits are arriving after some 18 months of World of tanks gameplay. 7.4 includes French TDs & SPGs which will have some slathering about rapid fire Arty & TDs. Other new vehicles announced for 7.4 include a German Tier 6 TD the Dickermax & an American Tier 8 medium the T26E4 Super Pershing. Don't get too excited. These two premium vehicles will only be given to Super Testers. Wallet Warriors will instead be able to buy a premium Jagdtiger or an IS6. Both are Tier 8 vehicles. It will be interesting to see how the Premium Jagdtiger is received as the Tier9 version is universally hated. It also costs 10,000 gold. The IS6 will set you back 11600 gold. Personally I won't be rushing for the IS6 either as I already have a stable full of Cash Cows.

There are a number of in game improvements in 7.4 including two new maps Airfield & Widepark.

Two new combat modes Assault and Encounter

There is now cross training of crew skills which allows comanders access to skills for the whole crew and gunners have access to loader skills.

Another important change to crew skills is that the job specific skills "cease to have effect" when a tanker changes vehicles. OUCH!

There are also several new medals coming out which most mortals will never achieve.

Update 7.5 Announced have announced update 7.5 and the only British tank is a Premium Black Prince. 7.5 will include 3 new maps. Seaport, Highway and Quiet Beach and the tier X mediums (E50 Ausf m, T62 and M48A1) and tank destroyers(JagdPz E-100, Object 268, AMX 50 Foch 155, T110E3,T110E4) are coming. There will also be a new Tier VIII Jagdpanther II. I have not had much game time lately and will have a lot of grinding to do if I want any of these tier Xs.

Other improvements will be adjusted Shell Shock effects for HE hits and improved matchmaking.

Which British tank lines are you looking forward to?

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Late Mail have just announced that they will be building a single platform to cover their three titles World of Tanks, World of Battleships and World of Warplanes. The site will have enhanced account security features. Convertible experience and Gold can be shared between the titles.


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